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Just some of the many successes

The video (left) describes the successful treatment of a young child with Down's Syndrome using an Individual Matrix generated from the photo of his brother. Prior to listening to the Matrix his development was typically very slow, and lagged behind his peers. But after only a few months of listening, his development had increased vastly, and at speed.  This result has been repeated with other children with confirmed Down's Syndrome too. 

With Wave Genetics™, people with different types of congenital disorders can be helped considerably.

The following testimonials are just some of the many - historically taken from overseas experiences,  as well as more recent ones from the UK that are starting to come in.

As you will read, many people with a  wide range of health issues have been, and are being helped through Wave Genetics™.

Sir William Osler
Sir William Osler
"The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease."

Wave Genetics follows the principle of treating the individual, not the disease.

When people are helped at such a fundamental level as helps their DNA regain its former health, there is no limit on what the body can recover from provided the reversal process progresses faster than whatever is driving ongoing deterioration.

If you have a health issue that does not feature amongst the testimonials do not give up hope. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Individual Matrix

Pregnancy & Baby Development

I do not know how to thank you for the Matrix. I am 40 years old, and my husband is 45. We have spent many years trying to have children. We were very desperate. Our doctor advised us to buy our Individual Matrices. I want to say, at the beginning there were no signs of any changes. My husband listened to his Matrix, and I to mine. Then the changes began to take place every day: I was no longer bothered with morning dizziness. My husband, who was treated for chronic gastritis stopped visiting his doctor! My menstrual cycle started to occur without pain, and I even lost weight (8 kg) without dieting. After 2 months, the doctor advised me to continue listen to the Matrix, even during sleep. My husband and I were taken aback but took this advice. A month later I got pregnant. Our son is already 6 months old and again I'm going to the hospital. That's true! Special thanks to Russian specialists, that helped me become happy MOM!

Zagreb, Croatia, 05 November 2014


My name is Julia. I am 37 years old. I want to write to thank Peter Petrovich for his unique programs. In July of last year, I got pregnant with my second child. My first boy was 14 years old. I was dreading this pregnancy because of my age and from not having a very good experience in my previous pregnancy. I asked the Prof Gariaev for help. Peter Petrovich recommended I do an Individual Matrix with my son's photograph. I listened to the program for the whole pregnancy. The doctors were extremely surprised with my tests, and well-being, and energy! The child developed ahead of normal development! No abnormalities, no nausea, no oedema, no high blood pressure; I had none! I worked till the last and did not feel fatigue! And here is the result: April 17, 2014 I gave birth to a wonderful baby girl weighing 4.3kg and length 55cm. Apgar score of 9 points! By the way, after giving birth, I continued to listen to the Matrix along with my girl! My recovery was quick enough, and she grows and develops faster than her peers to the surprise of the doctors! So, to anybody who wants to easily carry and give birth to a healthy child, based on my experience, I advise you to listen to these programs!
With respect and great appreciation.

Moscow, 30 June 2014


Already almost 6 months, we listen to the Individual Matrix (all night and day twice, a total equivalent to 13-14 days) with excellent results!!!! At the time of obtaining the program from you, he was 1.3 years old with no energy due to severe pancreatic insufficiency which resulted in poor physical development, inability to gain weight, reduced immune function which caused chest phlegm.

After a month of listening "Vital energy" increased. He became very active, cheerful. with the onset of "vitality" within a short period of time he started to walk, and then ran. In the lungs, now it he is "dry" so to speak. In general, any virus has passed easily, virtually without getting a cough. This is happiness!!! There are positive dynamics in many other areas, although not so significant as the lungs or pancreas. eg, before he had no cough or gag reflex to any stimulus such as food stuck in his throat, he chewed only weakly so all food was blended. These are now all normalised. I am very grateful to you and your team for your work. You instil peace of mind and confidence in the future.

Leningrad region, 16 March 2020


I had surgery to remove the left fallopian tube and the right was impassable. It was given treatment for a long time, but nothing helped. On the fourth attempt at IVF I became pregnant and gave birth to daughter. Doctors said that if I want more children, it will only be possible using IVF. When my daughter was three years old, we decided we wanted another child, but the IVF did not result in a pregnancy. I ordered an Individual Matrix based on my childhood photos, to improve the health of my daughter and myself. We listened to it every evening. I became pregnant after two weeks of listening!!! I did not expect such a result. Thank you very much!

Voronezhskaya oblast, 26 October 2016

Autism & ADHD

I have contacted you due to my daughter's problems: Autism, gluten and casein intolerance, dermatitis, skin fungus, deposition of heavy metals in the body, damage to the intestinal mucosa, impaired concentration.
14 days after starting to use the matrix, my daughter began to understand all communication and speech much better. She became more present and more focused. After that, the progression was suspended for about 4 months. Then there were further improvements- in digestion, the sensitivity to gluten and casein has disappeared. We still listen to the program, every day and all night long.

We also used a bioresonance method to remove heavy metals and sensitivity to gluten and casein. Perhaps this method helped too, we cannot determine exactly, but the overall results are good.
Autism has not been eliminated, although the improvements are noticeable. It is obvious that the Matrix has helped, but due to the complexity of a disease such as autism, we need to constantly continue the work to improve her condition. She has improved mental development and she understands more and has become less dependent. Her dermatitis is gone.

Slovenia, 13 January 2021


Everything has improved a lot. The daughter's body recovers well after starting to listen to the Matrix.

Before: Christina didn't answer, didn't understand anything. She had constant headaches. She was totally hyperactivity, she couldn't rest, no matter how physically active she was, she didn't feel tired, and no need for sleep. She did not sleep and cried with headaches for 24 hours, ran in circles every day. No medication helped her fall asleep, and the pain was constant. She did not sleep for three days and three nights, and then the dream lasted only 2 hours. She was not aware of her body at all. She couldn't stay still and rocked constantly. She could not navigate stairs.
After: She began to understand everything, fulfil requests and answer what people say to her. But there was still no complete independence and she still needed help, lacked full concentration of attention. She can now hold her posture, and can go down the stairs on her own, while holding onto the railing. Her hyperactivity has decreased, but she still lacks patience, and sometimes there were breakdowns. The headaches are gone. Her sleep is mostly orderly, although sometimes she still confuses day and night.
Three months ago: We received a second, adjusted Matrix of my daughter Christina. Our excitement about the Matrix effect is growing day by day. She uses the Matrix without interruption and the effect on her recovery becomes more and more obvious every day. Progress is noticeable in all areas. Her concentration is much greater, she is more patient in performing certain assigned tasks. She has already begun to understand the functions of various home appliances; understands how all devices turn on and off. Knows how to independently turn on and off the TV using the remote control. We came on vacation to her grandparents. They are delighted with her progress and say that it has exceeded all their expectations. She is now completely obedient and calm. She adores her grandmother and tells her that she loves her. Before, my daughter didn't react to people at all. She does not allow her Grandmother to work hard and hardly leaves her side. Christina started using items only for what are they needed for. Before that, she only chewed on them.
Until now, Christina has never been able to show willingness and interest regarding kindergarten or school, or anything else. She was in very bad mental shape. We attended speech therapy procedures and used a variety of treatments, but there was never any cooperation. Everyone was just trying, with great desire and perseverance. Now Christina goes to school twice a week. Sher says that he loves her friends, teachers and school and happily does everything in accordance with her abilities. Her functioning within life is improving, as well as developing a mutual understanding with teachers and other children. She finally has an interest in learning, goes to school with will and interest. Her teacher says that she is getting better and better every day. She puts her head on my shoulder and seems to be sleeping, listening in a meditative state. Her behaviour is much better and nicer and more mature.
In addition, she speaks more words, but she does not yet construct sentences; She speaks in short phrases: "I eat", "come on", "I want to", but every day new words appear in her vocabulary.
The Sound Matrix is ​​really powerful and effective.
As Christina and I are listening to the Matrix together (the matrix is ​​done from my photo), I notice, that I feel much better. My vision has restored, no more myopia, and my concentration has improved. Sometimes I get the feeling, as if my brain began to coordinate vision differently, it's just incredible!
Thanks to scientist Peter Gariaev, that he saved my daughter's life!

Montenegro, 02 October 2020


Hello. Half a year listening to the Matrix has resulted in the biggest and most dramatic changes with my daughter, who for 40 years was categorized in the most disabled group. She could just about cope at home, outside the apartment she is helpless. She guesses and only understands very simple things. Her level of development was that of a 5 year old.

After listening my daughter has improved. She understands more and is more able to look after herself at home. She has been assessed and moved higher up the spectrum of autism. Previously, if something was wrong, she could have tantrums. For example, she insisted on walks to take a handbag. This was constant, and it was impossible to persuade her not to take the handbag and she would go into a temper tantrum. Now if this habit is questioned, she quietly leaves. She became wiser. She listens to what we say and has become interested in her surroundings. Much to my pleasure she helps and is active at home. Before, this didn't happen.

Before, she did not respond if I was out of her sight. It was a big problem and stress for me. Now she has started to respond to her name. As she got older she became more aggressive. Now she is less aggressive, and emotional.
I have become much better generally too. It's no lie. The Matrix influence seems to have done a lot. My joints behave strikingly well. There is a direct correlation. There was a time that I could not listen because there was no time and it wasn't a convenient location, and immediately my lower back stiffened up. After listening again for a couple of days it all released.
My husband's hearing is slowly recovering. He recently said that he heard rain outside the window. This he never heard before. And according to him too, he has a general state of delight.

Moscow, 25 October 2017


Dear Petr Petrovich! We ordered an Individual Matrix from you for our grandson, who was born weighing 800 gram and could not breathing on his own. Feeding oxygen through a mask resulted in a retinopathy so that he did not see from birth. Moreover, later there were signs of autism. Fortunately, one of these signs is an amazing, verbatim memory for everything and perfect pitch for music. But, he has an inability to communicate with other children, lack of concentration, aggression and uncontrollable excitement.
On November 26, 2012 you sent us the Individual Matrix based on the photo of his mother when she was two years old. I recorded a tape of your sounds, continuous for 30 min, and he listens to them via the player. It is on play in the early hours of the morning while he is sleeping, and during daytime sleep. Now he listens to it HIMSELF, 3 times a day; 2 times in the car on the way to school, and at bedtime. He likes these sounds.
I would like to share with you the SUCCESSES!
In the same year, 2012 my grandson went to his first class. At the end of November we had to do home schooling because he was suspended until the new year for talking during class, got up, walked around the class and fought. He refused to read!
After 2 months of listening to the Matrix, my grandson at the school set 5 plus math! Such marks are an extreme rarity, in my opinion. Personally I have not seen it even once in my life.
He learned to play even with the girls in their quiet role playing (he was dad, or teacher, or son). Here the key words are "long" and "calm". Judging by the bruises and scratches he also develops contacts with the boys, but the parents of the children claims no.
And about the study I mentioned too ...
Orally he was called "brilliant" by the school selection committee. But to write Braille, then read this with his little fingers, and take it in - it was a huge problem, because he was unable to retain his attention for more than a minute. These are the signs of autism. The Matrix expanded his world. His concentration and perseverance improved and there was no further talk about home education.
Despite the lack of sight, he learned how to play electronic games on the touch phone. And even WINS!
For 2.5 years he listens to the Matrix sounds and is now 10 years old, He was brought to the country for the first time, and then he asked me, "Can you explain to me, why I can't see with my eyes?".
We discussed everything with him. I told him about the alternative vision, and he consciously decided to do. We enlisted the help of a doctor in St. Petersburg. I asked the doctors to watch what happens during the Matrix sounds with my grandson, and decide whether he should continue to listen to them. Dr: "Amazing. At first the sound affects the cerebellum, then in the peripheral part of the brain. It affects and eye area, but very little." He strongly recommends to carry on listening as it helps his brain very much and initiates reflex communications".

Dear Petr Petrovich, I think, that should offer your "DNA" sounds all over the world. According to statistics, Autism is increasing, and they predict, that in 15 years every second child will be born with autism!
Thank you Very Much, for your work, for your creativity! We wish you success, insights, the joy of everything happening around.

Saint-Petersburg,31 May 2015


I want to share our results. I'll try to keep it short. He started listening to the program from March 10, 1-2 times a day, mainly during sleep (day) or at night for hours. This was in addition to regular rehabilitation. Results:

  1. He is happy to go to any classes - to speech therapy referrals, psychologist, and music. The psychologist was surprised, and said that in comparison with December 2015 he is "another child".
  2. He began to speak phrases of 4-5 words, Use synonyms (candle - fire), greatly improved fine motor skills. I don't know his fingers!
  3. He became more physically hardy; not tired during long walks, can escape as he now runs.
  4. The most important thing - compared with his EEG 04.06.15 appeared dynamics - improvement of cortical rhythms, become more organized by the alpha rhythm. Of course, he matures, but this is extraordinary for a traumatized child such as he is.

I have the impression, that the Matrix has become the impetus for self-development, in the last couple of months the changes surprise us every day. Immensely thankful, Best wishes.

Moscow, 08 September 2016


Petr Petrovich, Hello. I want to share with you my first experience with using a Matrix. The baby girl, with the challenge of autism and brain hypoxia. Remember? You made Individual Matrix using the photo of her Mom. When they came to me for a Matrix, I explained to the parents how to listen. The child has poor concentration, and it is simply not possible to keep it at rest even 1 minute. These symptoms of autism have been present from birth. As soon as I turned on the Matrix, with the noise of white blood cells, the child stood and walked over to the computer and started listening to with great interest. It was simply not possible to believe what happened. Actually, this noise is not pleasing to the ear of an ordinary person and so I added some background music over the Matrix. As soon as she heard the music, her attention fell, and her interest disappeared. Playing the Matrix track from the photo of her mother, again the child was fixated by the computer. I gave the Matrix to the parents and explained how to use it. After 2 days, the girl's father called me and he was so delighted with the effect of the Matrix, that just he couldn't fully express his emotions. Several times a day the girl just requests to listen. She is no longer nervous already from the first day. The child's movements become soft, and she has increased concentration. No one expected such a quick response! Her parents are very grateful and of course I will continue to inform you about the progress in the process of recovery of this girl.
Best regards, Elena.

15 September 2013


Patient: Z.M. - Girl 8 years, Croatia.

Diagnosis: Autism and cerebral palsy from birth.
Before applying the Matrices the following integrative treatments were used:

Cranio-sacral therapy
Dolphin Therapy
Sensory integration
Visual therapy
Music therapy
Therapy through art
Therapy with animals
Labour therapy-Occupation Therapy
Without-casein and without-gluten diet – BKBG
Vitamin B6
Ginkgo Biloba

The results of the Matrix had a visible effect. The child had speech difficulties, face recognition problems, difficulty in communication and social interaction. Matrix used during 4 months.

After 2 months of using the matrix the girl began to change : increased sensitivity to sounds, touch, taste, smells, light and colour. Beginning to respond to her parents’ conversation.

After 3 months said her first words and started to respond to simple questions, her parents and professionals. Clinical analyses revealed that the level of the three branched chain amino acids (valine, leucine and isoleucine) necessary for the synthesis of biologically important proteins and other components had normalized. To use the matrix was very easy. Correction of health continues.

Centre for Quantum Diagnosis and Therapy, 28 March 2014

Down's Syndrome

We gave birth to a daughter on September 3rd who was immediately diagnosed with Down's syndrome. Genetic analysis confirmed the classical form of the syndrome. We immediately ordered for her an Individual Matrix using a baby photo of her brother. During listening to the Matrix she began to suck and gained weight, got better muscle tone in the neck and back to normal. She began to raise her head lying on her stomach. At day five of listening in the first week she held on longer, her skin turgor was noticeably better and the muscles in the calves and forearms become resilient. After two weeks of listening the Paediatrician neurologist said the negative impact of the syndrome is not found, except for external attributes acquired in the womb. She even suggested that she has the mosaic type, instead of the classic, but the analysis showed the classic type… So I believe that it's all thanks to your program and Matrix, that she listened to during the day, almost every sleep at night and two or three times when I wake up to feed her…

Two months have passed from the first time we listen to the program. My daughter has developed as a normal child, according to the observations of doctors. A huge thanks to you!

Saint-Petersburg, 04 November 2018


Hello. I write about the state of our youngest daughter, who was born with Down’s Syndrome, normal form. My daughter is now almost 8 months old. She has just had an ultrasound to check her heart. We have exciting news. The open oval window ceased to grow and stopped within the permissible range of 3 mm. There is no stunting or wasting. She is like a normal child. She is active, and flips from her back to her belly. Today a neurologist concluded after her brain ultrasound that there is no developmental disorders. We have previously observed hypoxia. She listens to the Matrix during the day and all night and rests on Sunday. Best regards.

Kazakhstan, 10 August 2016


In July 2014, we ordered a Matrix for the normalization of the genetic apparatus of our son. The Matrix was made from the picture of our healthy daughter. Our son with Down’s Syndrome listens to the Matrix for 3 months, constantly during the day. From the first week of listening, we noticed a change in his behaviour. He became more sociable, more active, he complies with requests (eg, turn off the light, go to Papa, collect toys, etc.). He has become more capable at home: started to undress himself, can feed himself. He has improved perception of information in the classroom - can correctly display the answers to the questions. Pronounces the syllables, trying to repeat the words, at the request of the teacher. Can say Mom, Dad, Baba, his grandfather’s name Lyalya (AI-AI) whereas before he flatly refused to repeat words. He has become more conscious, playing with our eldest daughter, wants her explanation and accepts the rules of the game. He continues to listen to the Matrix.
Thank you very much for your help!
Best regards, Irina.

Moscow, 17 November 2014


Good evening, Peter Petrovich!
As you requested, I am pleased to inform you about the results of my son with Down's Syndrome listening to the Matrix you prepared. We started a month ago, and during that time my son has changed for the better, become more active, mobile, happy to have contact with strangers. Yegor became more confident to walk, holding pens, started trying to stand on all fours and pronounce the syllables "Ma","Yes", "BA". The faculty of rehabilitation centres praised our son and his curiosity and interest in his environment.
Thank you very much for your help!
Sincerely, Alina.

20 September 2013


On 26 March 2012, Prof Petr Petrovich Gariaev made an audible information programme for the normalization of the genetic apparatus of our son Evsey using pictures of our healthy son George when he was 1 month old. Our son Evsey listens to them every day on repeat a number of times. Evsey was born with Down’s Syndrome in 2007. Delivery was wonderful on August 11, 2007. A month later we went to the reception at the genetic Centre, where Evsey’s blood karyotype was tested. A week later, he was diagnosed with Down's Syndrome. Over the past week we have listened every day from 2 to 6 times a day using the Matrix. I noticed the following changes.

  1. He responds to his name the first time. Before listening, we would have to call him 5-8 times and he would not always respond.
  2. For the first time he is manipulating objects (cubes, toys).
  3. He responds to simple requests, eg come here, take this, sit down to eat.
  4. Words flow! He can say syllables (GA-GA, Mom, Dudu, and so on). Before listening he rarely used them, and now his mouth is almost never closed, all the time saying something
  5. He expresses protest and joy to the actions proposed by the parents.

We will continue to listen to the Matrix.  With respect and gratitude.

08 September 2012


Hello! Want to say a huge thank you for Peter Petrovich's work! Now there is hope that my incurable disease is treatable. Only a very different approach may work. This is the medicine of the future. I ordered a matrix for my younger daughter. She's my baby, 4 years old and unfortunately has Down’s Syndrome. Listening to the matrix for a month began to change her behaviour. Her doctors said that she is now not far behind in development. She began to grow, gain weight, smile, recognizes older children and enjoys it. We will continue treatment! I used to have the most severe headaches and fevers. My migraines are gone! My mother no longer has swelling in the morning, and normal blood pressure. The whole family listens to the Matrix. The symptoms to which we have long been accustomed to (because they were not treatable) all disappear! I bow to you for your revelation!


04 February 2015

Cerebral Palsy

Hello! In July 2011, our family turned to Prof Peter Petrovich Gariaev to help our beloved 8 year old daughter with cerebral palsy. She could hardly walk due to spastic paralysis of both legs, and spoke with difficulty. We received an Individual Matrix based on the information from the photo of our younger healthy daughter. She listens to the program twice a day up to the present time. Now she is obviously much better. Thank you, Prof Peter Petrovich Gariaev, for our daughters miraculous healing.
Best regards,

Kazakhstan, Pavlodar. 29 April 2012


Good afternoon,
We would like to tell you about the state of our daughter, Maria about who we turned to you for help to restore her health nearly two months ago. Mary had cerebral palsy and autism, and she does not speak. This is all the result of her premature birth.
Our doctor recommended that we contact you to make the Individual Matrix, that can help her body. We agreed, and Prof Gariaev made a Matrix for Mary using her Mama's photos. And so for about a month, Maria listened every day.
We noticed, that Maria has become more relaxed and has significantly less frequent hysterical outbursts. She is much better to communicate with us and with her brother. Her behaviour has become tolerant and more obedient.
We hope, that her progress in speech and communication will happen just as quickly.
With respect from Maria’s parents.

Zagreb, Croatia. 23 November 2013

Cystic Fibrosis

Our daughter was born 03.06.2011. On 26.12.2011 she was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, the more serious mixed pulmoenteric form. She had Dystrophy type II degree malnutrition. For us, it was a terrible blow. It is difficult to convey in words the whole shock, horror, fear for the life of our beloved baby. We started to look for all the information about the treatment of cystic fibrosis and found the site of Professor Pyotr Petrovich Gariaev. On this site there was a testimonial about Dr. Hope Ustinova, who with P.P. Gariaev had successfully helped a girl from Ekaterinburg who had a similar diagnosis. We turned to them for help in January 2012. Petr Petrovich Gariaev in his lab used the information from pictures of a healthy cousin of our daughter and made an Individual Matrix to restore the mutant gene. Our daughter listens to this program several times per day. During her first 5 months of life, our girl was ill with colds. In April 2012, she was examined in the Department of Paediatric Pulmonology city Kazan. Her state of health was satisfactory. She has improved appetite, the food is well absorbed, better weight gain, has normal stools and no cough. We are satisfied with the health of our daughter and the professionalism and responsiveness of these wonderful people, Dr. N. Ustinova and Prof P. Gariaev, who support and help us.

Our friend’s son also has cystic fibrosis. The boy was in a very bad condition. He is now much better after the treatment N. Ustinova and P.P. Gariaev. We appeal to all parents of children diagnosed with cystic fibrosis to get assistance using an Individual Matrix.

Our whole family thanks Professor P.P. Gariaev and Dr Hope Ustinova for the salvation of our daughter.
SH, 10 months old. Kazan. 12 July 2013


I'm Natalia, mother of a child with Cystic Fibrosis from a city on the Volga River. Only the closest people know about our diagnosis. I believe that with the help of God and your Matrix my child can forget he had this terrible diagnosis: Cystic Fibrosis.
I believe cystic fibrosis is a curable disease! Our son was sick from birth.
After 1.5 months, based on the results of testing he was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis; the severe intestinal-pulmonary form. Up to 7 months old, my son's former serious health condition was as follows.
There was a long 5 months in the hospital with including breaks - for a week, then 2, at most 3 weeks. He had a nagging dry cough, the sharp drop in the level of potassium and sodium, big weight loss, abundant regurgitation with cough, shortness of breath, with a background of increasing strong antibiotic treatment, high ALT/AST in serum, high white blood cell count. We asked for help from Dr Ustinova when my son was 8 months old. We learned about it from the parents of a child with the same diagnosis: Cystic Fibrosis. We met in the hospital previously and have seen her results with Dr Ustinova. During our last meeting 3 months ago in the hospital, the girl was stable, had good tests, the difference was very noticeable. This was enough for us to believe in the effectiveness of the treatment methods of Professor Pyotr Gariaev and Dr Ustinova.

He is now 10 months old. Since the start of home treatment, we have almost 2 months stable condition. Prof P. Gariaev made us a special sound program with information from a healthy genetic code without the mutation for cystic fibrosis. Within the two months there was only 1 time his health worsened, but we treated him without hospitalization. Our doctors prescribed a course of antibiotics advised by Dr Hope Ustinova. My son's condition quickly improved. Before that, as parents, we had collected a lot of information about different treatments. After 2 months listening to the sound programs by Prof Peter Petrovich Gariaev he is stable, my son gains weight, he has a good appetite, is a active, and coughs up 4-5 times a day. We do monitoring tests once a month: currently ALT/AST is OK, slightly lowered levels of sodium, white blood cells above the norm, but if you look at the dynamics of the results, they were lower than in the period of deterioration. I believe Dr Ustinova and Prof Pyotr Petrovich Gariaev have given us HOPE for RECOVERY of my son. They are Professionals with a capital letter, who, without asking for anything, shared their experiences.

28 June 2013

Ischaemic Stroke

Hello. A week ago my mum, 77 years old, suffered an ischaemic stroke. She was in a coma, affecting her mind, and the respiratory centre. She was on a respirator and in a serious condition.
I ordered an Individual Matrix based on the pictures of her granddaughter. Within 5 days of listening (through headphones) the respiratory centre restored!!! Breathing itself !!!
Thanks Prof Gariaev and his team.

Barnaul, 15 July 2014


Hello, Petr Petrovich. I write a report about listening to the Individual Matrix with a photo. My 71 year old sister was paralysed on her right side. On April 26 she started listening twice a day. Two weeks went by and she was able to walk unaided. Before she relied on the wall. She is feeling great and her apathy has gone. A month later her sick leg works best and she can already walk herself down from the third floor.
Thank you very much!

Belgium, 20 June 2014


Dear Petr Petrovich! I express my sincere gratitude for my salvation. The story of my tragedy. I am a 54 year old doctor-neurologist. On 08.11.2010 I had a stroke, affecting the right half of the brain causing paralysis of the left side of my body. The pain was so unbearable, I howled in pain. The ambulance took me to the hospital in Naas (IRELAND). The doctors gave me tramadol (this drug has similar anaesthesia effects to morphine) at a dose of 300 mg (daily dose of 200 mg did not bring relief). The nightmare lasted for 24 hours. There was fluid retention, and I had swelling. I had a brain scan that found bleeding. Later in November, I asked for help to Peter Petrovich. My son sent him my photo from when I was 3 years old. In his lab Petr Petrovich read the information in the photo using lasers and made an Individual Matrix. The wonders began immediately after 10 minutes of listening! It was a feeling like my two different halves of the body had reconnected! I had one body! I felt absolute happiness and bliss! I could move my arms and legs normally. My depression evaporated! I went to sleep and had a healthy sleep for 4hrs. I had not received any drugs to improve my brain. After 5 days, I had a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and it showed I had no bleeding and no zones of ischemia. The Doctors were surprised by that, but I was silent. My health is back to normal.

In October 2008 and in 2010 I was diagnosed with asthma, then right knee arthritis. Due to the continuous use of prednisolone, my weight became 122 kg. I walked with a crutch, shortness of breath, persistent pain, and terrible depression. And here I am now! Without paralysis! Without crutches! No depression! I feel like I have returned to a happy childhood! I lost 10 kg without dieting! Discovering the Matrices of Peter Petrovich Gariaev is a real wonder! They provide emergency medical assistance, and unparalleled quality of assistance. Improvement comes quickly, with persistent effect! I am happy! Once again, I bow to Peter Petrovich Gariaev. Best regards, HU. 

HU, aged 54. Ireland. 24 December 2010

Update on 01.06.2012: I am healthy and feel good. During all this time I have not had high blood pressure, pain in the heart, colds last only 2 days, and no depression.

Nervous System & Mental Health

Respected, Petr Petrovich. Accept our thanks for your help in the recovery of our son, Ivan. Two years ago, we came to Moscow from the Donbass region of Ukraine permanently, and all that time the doctors were not able to identify his condition. Eventually it was diagnosed as a very strong stress of the nervous system as a result of the bombing. At the time we hid in the basement of the house, but it was very scary, and this affected the health of our son. After just a few minutes, with the help of your programs Andrey Yuryevich showed us what had changed in the nervous system. After the first session, the changes were small, but when we came back a week later, his stress was within the normal range, We had noticed changes in his behaviour. His heart rate recovered, which had been 105-110 bpm lying down. Now it is 75 bpm. He became calm, stopped hurting his younger brother, and he recovered normal sleep. We have once again checked his condition after a month. All is well. You have cured what the Doctors could not even identify, and you have given us back our son, and most importantly – his health. May you, Peter and all of your colleagues, be healthy for years to come and bring this knowledge to all in need. It is a holy thing. With respect and gratitude.

Moscow, 13 September 2018


I ordered my Matrix as I have severe depression. Nothing else I tried helped. When I was treated by a doctor there were improvements, but they were short lived.
I listened to my Matrix from October 2015. Last week at the fair I wanted to buy a glass of alcohol, but they wouldn’t sell to me without an identification document. My soft wrinkle became almost invisible. My depression is almost gone now too; even in the darkest times I feel good and happy. The results are excellent, Thank you!

Sweden, 19 January 2016


Thank you for my return to normal life without pain. With the help of your staff, who made the diagnosis of my nervous system, and your audio Matrices, I went back to my previous state as a healthy man. Now I do not take any medicine for the pressure and pain in the heart. My left hand stopped hurting. Previously, I had aching pain that persisted for months. I sleep much better, and this is when my shift work and the nerves become stronger and irritability disappeared, which is very pleasing to my family and subordinates at work.  It is surprising, but my feet that were itching and the red spots disappeared, although dermatologists had diagnosed psoriasis, and said it cannot be cured.

I will not hide it, but I am very sceptical about such innovations; but useless and very expensive attempts to somehow get rid of the health problems using conventional medicine led me to you. I do not regret it and can promote Wave Genetics. What impressed me most is, that all my illnesses somehow began with nervous system problems. This was very lucidly explained to me by Andrew Y. who uses a computer program which shows how to use different matrices on the body. All "treatment" kept within 3 minutes. After these 3 minutes, I very much wanted to sleep, I felt like I had been crushed. As it turned out, it removed my prolonged stress, and I came home and slept for almost two days. It is very interesting to observe the changes in the body. They happen very quickly. Thank you again for the help of all the staff and you, Petr Petrovich, for the return of youth to my body. Your work is ingenious in its simplicity.

Moscow, 11 September 2018


It took 23 days for my full recovery from facial palsy of the right side of my mouth – floppy lip, numb part of mouth. There was partial improvement after 14 days, through listening to the Matrix, made by you with a photo of my son Cyril (aged 8-9 months). THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Now my face is in order! I will keep listening all year as I want to achieve more and more results! I will report again then! With great respect to you and your work!

Moscow, 12 October 2016


On 03.03.2009 I underwent surgery for an acoustic neuroma. After the surgery I had left facial nerve paresis (0/5 points), and complete deafness on the left where they had removed the auditory nerve. After about 9 months I had movement in the lower portion of the left half of my face via the lower branch of the facial nerve (1.5/5 points, and 0.5/5 in the upper branch) and no prolonged reduction of the individual body of the frontalis muscle. I had no hearing on the left. This condition continued unchanged for 1 year until I met Dr Ustinova who invited me to rebuild my health with Prof Pyotr Petrovich Gariaev. In September 2011. I started m Individual Matrix using information that had been read from my childhood photos when I was 1 year old. A year later, after listening, my overall condition improved markedly. At the moment I have facial asymmetry, which is only noticeable in conversation overload. Movement of the lower branch of the facial nerve has increased to 3.5-4/5 points, and in the upper branch to 2/5 points. My hearing has been restored in my left ear. Now I hear you speaking, ear pronounced.

Dmitry, 35 years, Omsk. 28 April 2012


In October 2004 my son suffered a spinal injury in an accident resulting in paralysis. Before hearing about Wave Genetics, he tried multiple treatments - acupuncture, reflexology, various physiotherapies, motor nerve simulator therapy, swimming, horseback riding, strength training, and stem cell therapy in 2005/6. As a result of these treatments his strength and mobility increased slightly. He developed subtle movement, but then stopped. There was noticeable increase muscle strength walking on Lokomate (robot Simulator: treadmill belt support), a gradual reduction in the level of support he required from 70% to 35% but then without further changes. Until 2013 he had unstable movement when walking with braces and crutches and needed continuous assistance. In November 2013, we began to use the Wave Genetics. He started listening to the therapeutic Matrices produced by Prof Gariaeva. Already after 2 weeks of daily listening, he experienced sensations of tingling in his buttocks, legs, the soles of the feet. In December 2013 he combined the audio program with autologous stem cell therapy (Mesenchymal stem cells, pre-processed with the genetic quantum program. He also included physiotherapy, strength training, bike riding, swimming, Lokomat-trainer. Approximately one month after the start of treatment there was a markedly increased touch sensitivity on the lower body. After 3.5 months after the start of therapy he was able to flex the foot upward and bend the leg under the Chair.
April 2014- repeated the pre-processed Gariaeva stem cells. The physiotherapy, strength training, bike riding, swimming, Lokomat-trainer remain all the time, up to the present day. Further results became evident in mid-2014 - significantly increased muscle mass of all muscles of the upper and lower parts of the body; increased strength; stronger core muscular (abdominal muscles, back, pelvis). There is greater stability when walking with crutches and leg braces; increased sensory sensitivity of the whole body.
October 2014- repeated the pre-processed Gariaeva stem cells. This resulted in increased muscle strength; support on the Lokomat reduced to 20% when walking on the track with support on the belt.
April 2015- repeated the pre-processed Gariaeva stem cells. The result was further increases in muscle strength, noticeable improvement in walking. He no longer needs assistance as his muscles are strong enough to maintain the vertical position. He still needs the straps on his legs for additional support where his muscle mass is staying at the same level. The muscles of the left forearm are noticeably bigger; initially there appeared the barely noticeable movement of the third, the fourth and fifth fingers of the left hand; then he recovered the ability to put the plug in the plug-hole with his left hand and can now independently use it to cut steak.
November 2015 - repeated the pre-processed Gariaeva stem cells. This resulted in improvements in all the above parameters.
June 2016 - repeated the pre-processed Gariaeva stem cells. This resulted in improvements in all the above parameters; and in addition, he is now able to crawl with the correct movement of the legs from the hips, and for the first time took part in competitions on a Sprint Triathlon (Sprint Distance Triathlon: swimming 750 m, bike 20 km, running (manual control) 5 km.
It is extremely important to continue these daily rehabilitation exercises. Matt devotes 2-3 hours a day of physical therapy. The motivation to exercise and build muscle strength in patients with spinal cord injuries is increased when the results of their actions are visible and tangible in the form of increased strength and functional ability. A combination of stem cell therapies, subjected to Wave Genetic pre-programming has led Matt to muscular strength, comparable with its therapeutic loads. This is evidence that the damage to the spine is not as extensively as before.
Matt lives a full and active life. He drives the car, converted for hand controls, that allows him to move freely between the office, customers and home. He works as a marketing manager in a large company and manages the logistics of a large fleet of trucks. He has his irrepressible energy.  He is able to work full time and devote 2-3 hours of rehabilitation therapy and/or strength training on most days.

Johannesburg, 03 August 2016

Patient: E. M. 24 year old girl. Croatia

Diagnosis: bipolar affective disorder (BAR). Previous name (manic depressive psychosis) with the change of phases of depression, mania and the "bright" gaps between them. The patient had used medication anti-depressants including atypical: typical antipsychotics and anti-alarm drugs. Manic symptoms manifested themselves in an excessive happiness, even in inappropriate situations, or in depression. Also sadness, anxiety and irritability; difficulty in sleeping with repeated awakenings during the night or awakening too early; loss of interest in school, eating, libido; feelings of guilt and worthlessness, hopelessness for the future; difficulty concentrating and constant fatigue; thoughts of suicide and death.
Used the Individual Matrix for 3 months.
Result: increased desire of the patient to a more serene and balanced state of mind, i.e. no longer felt targeted or had a continual stream of thoughts due to anxiety and internal concern. Her mania disappeared. The girl is completely out of her depression, started to attend school regularly and developed a new circle of friends. She became less irritable with better sleep and diet. Her Chronic Fatigue went. The doctor stopped the antipsychotics. She continues to listen to the Matrix 3 times a day.

Centre for Quantum Diagnosis and Therapy, 28 March 2014


Hello. My name is Konstantin. 7 years ago, on July 8, 2005 I broke the seventh cervical vertebra - a compression fracture C7. Since then, I have lived in a wheelchair. By chance I saw the TV program "The theory of improbabilities" of the origin of life, in which Prof Gariaev talked about Wave Genetics. I thought “Why not try it”? I found all the information on the Internet, read the whole website and sent an email outlining my situation. The reply came back on May 27 - "you can try". To tell the truth, I had doubts, but there was a testimonial about a similar situation.

On June 15, 2012, Dr Ustinova sent my first Universal Matrix. In the beginning there was fear and doubt about whether to listen or not? I had everything to gain ... Listening I had never experienced similar sensations: There was warmth in my legs and goose bumps, the spasticity (that has always been present) went and for 3 hours my legs lay completely still. I was very surprised.

On July 5, 2012, I received the Individual Matrix from my childhood photograph. The feeling of my legs not being mine passed, and I began to feel the position of the feet when I can't see them. It's the feeling that they are mine, not like before, when they seemed not part of me but foreign.

July 8, 2012, I received an update. This brought me to myself. The hurt and depression went away, and I have a positive attitude. There was a sense that I forgot everything bad. July 17 in the morning woke up and was surprised by my positive mood. There was no spasticity, no worries. The only thing was that I really wanted to sleep. When listening to the Individual Matrix from my photo there is heat in the feet and the presence of minor agility, spastic slowly, but goes away. My general condition improved.

November 22, 2012, 4.5 months after the start of Wave Genetics treatment I have the following changes. I have recovered the regeneration of the skin and soft tissues.  A month ago, I got sunburnt legs. The sunburn has healed very quickly. Previously there were bed sores on my sacrum, but currently there are no more wounds. I feel heat and cold, pain and touch. My whole body feels whole. Now I'm sure, that I will walk! November 15, 2012, was at a reception at the neurosurgeon, He was very surprised by my success in restoring the functions of my spinal cord. My injured spinal cord regeneration is slow, but sure. Since the trauma seven and a half years ago, and up to July 2012, prior to the start of treatment nothing changed. It is my understanding, that the more time that has elapsed since an illness or injury, the longer it takes to recover all the functions. All I have written is true.  Thank you scientist Professor Pyotr Petrovich Gariaev and Dr. Ustinova.
KK, 29 years old. 28 November 2012

Multi-System Results

I have been listening to the matrix for 3 months. I now have a lot of energy, which makes me very happy. On 27th October, my gallbladder was removed, and I recovered in just 2 weeks. I haven’t had a migraine in these 3 months; nothing more than a common headache 1-2 times a week but it responded to basic medication.

I'm getting slimmer as I wanted, just the skin began to sag, but, I think, this is part of the process. My levels of aggression, fears, and anxiety are much less. I have only had one mild heart palpitation during these 3 months and only for 1-2 minutes. My eyesight has improved markedly. This is all in just 3 months. These are my observations.

Oxford, UK, 06 December 2020


I report on the results of working with the Matrix.
After the first seven days of listening to my Individual sound Matrix: cheerful mood, enthusiasm high, the back does not hurt, there is still a cough.

Regime: I listen in headphones in complete calm once daily, and thereafter I listen through speakers when I work out, due to lack of time.

Sensations: In the process of listening to the headphones with complete calm, everything that usually hurts begins to ache. Once, when listening during working out there was a feeling of heavy brick on the left shoulder – the same brick feeling I had felt when I was in hospital with pneumonia. After listening to the Matrix, the pain went away. I then took a 2 day break.
After a month.

Sensations: when listening through headphones, a pain in the right lower back begins to be felt and the nerve going to my right leg with discomfort in the right hip joint [Sciatica]. I usually fall asleep in headphones after 10 minutes. In General, over the past month, the back has never bothered me, and coughing almost does not bother me.
2-months: I tried to increase the number of plays, but there’s not enough free time. Lower back does not hurt, mild coughing, old muscle injuries make themselves felt slightly, but do not interfere with life. Joint pain that developed from working out daily does not hurt. I train my vision, that will recover.
4-months: The lower back only slightly aches if I load it and sometimes prevents sleep. The last three days I worked in the garden with no pain in my lower back. For my other diseases, the result is positive. Prostatitis has never bothered lately, even when driving. The coughing has disappeared. I do not feel abnormalities in breathing. My gout does not hurt.

Ukraine, Kiev, 28 June 2020


I am writing a review of the new Matrix, that you sent. I have regularly used them for more than six months, taking breaks every 2-3 weeks. During the course of listening my demeanour qualitatively changes. I feel cheerful, young.

Body: Can you believe it, it becomes easier! I monitor my weight, but my weight practically does not change, while feeling it is! I do not know how this is, but this is my “children's interest” to it all.  It seems, looking at the world through the eyes of a child, that the world learns! Also, while listening to the Matrix, I saw in my mind my cells and body and the impact the vibration of the sound file was having on it, including the change of the structure of tissues and cells themselves. The sensations that you feel in this moment, cannot be expressed in words!

In General, this set of Matrix tracks has turned out to be more successful than I thought. Gone are the headaches, my monthly periods are now painless, changing the cycle, and indirect signs of the hormonal background.

Kuranakh, 20 January 2018


Thanks to Peter Petrovich and his staff. I would like to thank for your work. Three days with me happened wonder of wonders. With women's problems, it was as if it was nothing. Lost varicose mesh, hair stopped falling out. Have no pain in the neck.

Moscow, 05 May 2015


I start working with the Matrix since January of this year. My Herpes is not evident in any way to the present day. It's a miracle. My periods restarted in June after a delay of almost 3 months, but with a difference of 21 days instead of 28 days. Thank you so much. Your wellness system works!!
Vision: Direct vision has stabilized. Peripheral vision is still blind. Ordered test in six months, I am confident it will show a positive result.

To reveal everything, the Matrix for my Mom was from my children's photo. I therefore decided to listen too and engage in my recovery.  I began to listen to the Matrix all night, almost daily during the 4 months. This is what has been happening to me. First, I have noticed I have less grey hair (especially at the temples).  The pain in the joint of the big toe of the right foot, that is very disturbed has gone gradually. I have decreased enlargement of my breasts before my monthly. More noticeable were the internal changes, but a week ago I had pain in my right ovary that I had long since forgotten after reaching the menopause at 43 years old, since when I have been on HRT.  Now I'm 51. I decided to go the gynaecologist and had a pelvic ultrasound. It turns out my right ovary woke up and tried to ovulate, but it burst so I felt pain. I overheard the doctors’ conversation and at the end they wrote “Cyst right ovary with the manifestation of pain” They doubted what they saw so wrote what seemed logical and they can understand. They do not know, that I listened to my Matrix. I think after a few months I will repeat the ultrasound and clarify the situation. I have currently abandoned HRT and decided to continue to listen to the matrix.

Novosibirsk, 23 October 2015


Dear Petr Petrovich! You made my Individual Matrix from my photo. It really works!!! For 2.5 months, every day, 4 times (in the morning, twice during the day, and in the evening) I watched the video and listened to the mp3 recording made from my photo as a 2 year old child. I felt better after the first month. The most interesting fact, that my foot no longer hurts as it has after a fracture a year ago. My blood pressure returned to normal. As for my fibroids, observed by physicians since 1998, my last ultrasound in November 2011 confirm the success of the treatment.  I want to add that the idea of treating me this way belongs to my husband. I did not believe it would help me. IT SEEMED SO UNREAL. So here is the truth, THE MATRIX WORKS REGARDLESS OF WHETHER YOU BELIEVE IN IT OR NOT. The facts are a stubborn thing. I would like to say to Peter Petrovich thanks, for this remarkable development in this important endeavour of how to cure people without surgery. Best regards,

OI, 35 years old. Tula, 03 May 2012


Hello dear Petr Petrovich, It is time to summarize the preliminary results using your method. In general I felt much better, improved digestion, feel overall more able, and work a lot, fewer aching joints, disruption of the heart reduced. It’s not incredible of course, but the arrhythmia has become significantly less – tested on ECG. Ultrasound of my abdominal cavity doesn’t show much, but I'm feeling better and OK. It all takes time, I understand.

Samarskaya oblast , 05 August 2016


I want to inform you that after two weeks of listening to the new Matrix I feel good. I am more active and energetic. I am less tired, and as well as doing housework I now sometimes go to the market, and entertain guests, that could not do before due to the acute pain I used to get in my arms. I have improved memory.
What is very revealing to me, is that the skin on my legs has become softer and smoother, especially of the foot and heel. I will soon be the same as my childhood photo! When washing my face, I notice my cheeks are smooth and feel as if lubricated. It is a very pleasant feeling and I almost never use face creams now.
Even my vision has changed: before I had three pairs of glasses, and I always read with glasses. Now I read mostly without glasses, and I even forget where I have left them. In the distance I can see everything well, except in shop windows where I can’t read the price tags.
Thank you and your entire team.

Moscow, 24 February 2016


Good evening, Petr Petrovich!!! It has been a month already, as I listen to the Individual Matrix based on the childhood photograph. My overall health is better, normal sleep, headaches became less sharp. The Matrix is on in the background all night, because there is no possibility to listen during the day. My vertigo has come, but less often. There were moments, when, after five days of listening it was bad, but then it got better. I have more strength and energy. I understand that full recovery takes time, and you need to listen again and again. Thank you for your invention, that gives me a chance to be healthy and return to the previous life!!! I keep listening and getting better!!! Thank you!!!

Chelyabinsk, 07 May 2015


I have listened to the Matrix already for a month. I don't even believe what is possible! – My arthritis is as if it is not: my feet don't hurt, the swelling has gone from my knees and the stairs are easy now. The pain in my shoulder joints is gone too! My past psoriasis and arthritis medicine did not cure my diseases! My psoriasis disappeared after a week of listening and left white marks on the place where plaques used to be. A week later and they have gone. 

Gynaecology surgery due to suspected cervical cancer (removed a polyp), started a strong inflammation there despite the prophylactic course of antibiotics after surgery.  I continued to listen to the Matrix. Now there is no pain, no such feeling of inflammatory processes., All gynaecological problems are behind me.
The cold sores on my lips went too. It seems, the herpes virus is quickly killed when listening to Matrices.
The only negative is that my blood pressure for the last 4 days was high (98 /146).  I am hypotensive and my blood pressure didn’t previously go above 60 /110, but I was listening almost constantly to the matrix, even turning it on for the night with no 2-3 days breaks. Now I made adjustments to my listening and today I didn’t listen the whole day and my blood pressure dropped to normal. It is such a blessing when nothing hurts!

Yaroslavl, 02 March 2015


Dear Petr Petrovich! I am writing a report about listening to your body's upgrade program. I was extremely surprised by the result since I'm a sceptic. I had very painful legs, and there were problems with urination – I used to get up several times a night to go to the toilet. Now I go up to bed at night and sleep. Now it reduces my knee pain. And the most amazing – I have improved Erectile Dysfunction. I will write about any further developments.

Moscow, 01 September 2014


Good afternoon! I write, to say a huge thank you to Peter Petrovich! I listen to the Individual Matrix for 1.5 hours, twice a day, morning and evening, for three months. I noticed changes in my body. In the first place, I have become much calmer (no longer nervous), improved sleep, have courage, less easily tired. Secondly, I used to have allergies.
I noticed this for cats; I could not sleep in the same room with them and just carrying them in my hand, I just started sneezing. Now I can carry them, and they sleep in the same room with me, and I'm not even sneezing!  It is my first summer without pills and sprays from allergies. And I have a normal menstrual cycle, and my hair and nails began to grow faster. I feel good. Once again, I want to say a huge thanks for your development!!!

Izhevsk, 07 August 2014


Hello, Petr Petrovich! Today is exactly one month from the date of first use after I received my Matrices from you. For the first time in my life I have a lot of positive changes from my treatment. From the first sessions my headaches and the noise in my head were completely gone. My blood pressure has decreased and hardly rises above 150/90.  Already my wheezing lungs are cleansed and I can walk without shortness of breath. I no longer use an inhaler. The swelling in the legs has decreased by 90%. For the first time in two years I have no pain, colic, muscle pains, fever and many more.
Twice I went on business trips and could go on foot.
The result is fantastic, although far from a complete cure. One month I twice interrupted treatment for three days because of complications: for the first time (on the third day of listening) my blood pressure jumped to 180/90, pulse to 110, and I had a very itchy skin; for the second time (on the sixth day of listening), with the same symptoms but less than before. Since then the treatment is not interrupted. I was a complex patient (was!?). I shall continue treatment until they are cured. I hope so. I believe.
In conclusion I would like to express my gratitude to you and your assistants and staff for the, what you have done and are doing for our science and people! Thank you!

GS. 20 December 2013


Dear Petr Petrovich! Thank you very much! Here are my results from treatment of the following: periodontal disease has passed and now the gum tissue regeneration comes.  My mother’s (60 years old) age-related changes in the heart, Heart Failure Stage II, also 80% less than the past.  She says she has forgotten where her heart is! Sometimes the weather causes a little reaction, and I have horrible headaches.

I stopped drinking due to the period pains. My cycle was 24 days, and not 28. My period pains are almost gone after 24 years, but even then the hurt is much less compared to what it was before, God forbid. Nothing helped cure anything except your matrices. In my brains I feel totally different. A million times thanks!!!

Inna Polozinna, 07 December 2013


Report on my Matrix:

  1. My throat is an indicator for GMO products as it immediately starts to hurt and swell. Recently I bought a melon and after the first piece it was hard to swallow. I listened to my Matrix 1 hour before bedtime. In the morning there was no discomfort.
  2.  I have listened to my Matrix for 3 weeks, and all this time I’ve been flying which makes me happy! I have no fatigue and a huge influx of energy, and a desire to “keep ahead of the bus”. For 3 weeks I have not never dressed.
  3. I am a hairdresser and at the end of the day my leg muscles were tired and I used to have sore feet, but now I have no pain and don’t feel any aches.
  4. The firs thing that my Matrix affected was my vision which increased sharpness as if someone had focussed it like binoculars!
  5.  Now I am waiting for the traces from cold sores on my chin to go that I have been trying to get rid of for the last 10 years without success.

I have also started to get premonitions. Sometimes I see a picture that happens in an instant as if in the future.

Many thanks to Professor Peter Gariaev and Dr Hope Ustinova.
MK, 15 August 2013

Immune System

In April 2019, I ordered a Matrix from my childhood photo. I had hepatitis C. In 07.10.20, after listening to the tracks, the result was negative for hepatitis!!! Thank you so much for your help and for your work.

Tyumen, 14 October 2020


It is now 6 months from the date of receipt of the individual program matrix. I want to write to you about the results of its application. The effect, to my great surprise, I felt almost immediately! On the third day my cough with muco-purulent sputum (about 2 weeks before that it was worsening bronchitis) disappeared, and has not returned. There was a feeling of "internal health" that I had not felt for 30 years when I was a young man. My cardiac arrhythmias disappeared completely. I even began to forget to take antiarrhythmic drugs, and my heart rhythm in these moments was not disturbed, which did not happen previously. However, against the background of well-being, symptoms of diseases I had previously encountered began to appear as if my health was rewinding back at high speed. Symptoms appeared suddenly, lasting from several tens of minutes to several hours and ends abruptly. Because I had a very vivid and varied clinical picture, it is difficult to mistake this for something else. Moreover, I calculated that the "unwinding back" goes at a speed of roughly 1 year every 6 days. I can quite accurately "predict" what I will experience on certain days, and I never made a mistake. How to explain it, I do not know, but it seems, I am not mistaken. And further, my grey hair began to disappear.

Ryazan, 14 March 2020


Last summer, after hypothermia while on vacation in another city, I got a bladder infection. Diagnosis: cystitis with Escherichia coli. After a week of struggle with temperatures and trying to flush the infection by drinking I decided I didn’t need antibiotics.  I did not recognize the disease was still active. A week later, as soon as I was able to, I visited my doctor and passed a full physical examination.
However, analyses showed a strong inflammatory response and the activity of E. coli. I had a number of other issues. For 2 months already I had a prostate adenoma. After 5 months, I could not stand on my feet. I could only pass urine using a catheter that led to constant strong pain. I started using my Matrix only after 6 months of illness.  After a few days the pain is gone! After 2 months listening my genitourinary system was completely normalized! Winter and Spring passed without a single hint of return. During the Summer I was vacationing in the mountains, spending the night in tents. Now in Autumn I am totally back to normal! So again, I saw our body has all the resources to cope with any illness. You just have to help it! Thanks to Prof Gariaev and the staff of the Institute for your great help! You saved my life.

Zagreb, Croatia, 14 October 2014

After receiving her sound Matrix my sister listened to it every day for three years, all night without interruption. Every day she drinks the programmed water. We are all very pleased with the results. The status of sister Dee before and after listening to the Matrix is significantly different. She is another person and can already work on the garden. Prior to working with the Matrix her rheumatoid factor was 76, and is now 14. During the whole time it is constantly falling slowly. This year it has fallen steadily. The program continues to work.

Moscow, 01 November 2017


I express my great gratitude to Peter Petrovich and his colleagues for creating matrices for listening, for the treatment of diseases arising from Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE). I have listened to my Matrix a little more than a year. During the first months of listening, I noted I got a good night's sleep, normalized heartbeats, and I was in good spirits.

Since listening to the Matrix I was ill with the flu only once.  This flu was for me the same as for the normal healthy people. In the past I have had a prolonged cough with phlegm for a whole month, and this time I did not have antibiotics.

Pain in the pelvic bones troubles me rarely, but there is still. I am normal temperature in the evening, and I no longer sweat at night. The weather sometimes triggers headaches, but not always. The most important result for me turned out to be that my eyes stopped running. Before I was on Prednisone for long periods of time, but now only 1 tablet and rarely. Before my cheeks were like a hamster, and my weight was excess due to fluid retention. Now my kidneys work properly. I noticed that my health depends a lot more on the weather. The best effects are from listening from 6 to 8 am. This is what helped me to virtually abandon prednisolone. I tried to stop them suddenly, but I was only worse. I began to listen to myself - when I could miss a pill on the day, then 2 days.

I wish good health to all who read my review.  

Vladimirskaya oblast’, 25 June 2015


I am 40 years old, with no serious health problems, but I was prone to bronchitis, due to poor immunity. I have been listening to the Matrix for 3 months. In the early days I felt a very strongly vibration in the entire body and very pleasant relaxation. Now these feelings have gone. My bronchitis has gone. My immunity has improved with no issue over the winter. I am now in an excellent state of health and mood. Low bow, dear Petr Petrovich! Deep thanks to you and your entire team. Bless you!

Tatarstan, 08 March 2015


My name is Inna. I am a doctor of education. Now I live in Ireland. I would like to write about my feelings after listening to the Individual Matrix recorded with my photos, made by Prof Petr Petrovich Gariaev. In December 2010, my friend Dr Ustinova told me about Wave Genetics. I have read and reviewed the information about this method on the Internet. I agreed to order a program.

20.01.2011 I received the audio files (quasi-noise and music video file), in all approximately 6 minutes. After the first listen I did not note any changes, but after about 2 weeks I felt the improvement of my health: in the morning I no longer feel heavy in the body, I wake up in the mornings more easily, whereas before I barely woke up and I felt tired after sleeping. I can note the improvement of the immune system. During this time, I do not pick up any colds and viral infections. I used to often suffer from cold sores on the lips and in the corners of the mouth. After listening to these files, the Herpes I had is gone.
IL, Ireland, 02 April 2011

Metabolism & Digestion

I want to inform you, that for the last 3 years  I have regularly used the Matrix according to the established protocol. My recent blood test confirm that the result of the treatment, associated with renal microalbuminuria, is much improved compared to the previous result, that is, it is closer to the norm of a healthy person. I didn't keep an accurate diary, as in previous years, because the condition had stabilized and no bad reactions have been observed. The results surprised my doctor. I will continue to use my Matrix and leave it in the same version for another 2 years.

Serbia, 20 January 2021


Hello, Dear Petr Petrovich! I wish to recall the history of our mom, prior to ordering a Matrix for her, She was in a critical condition, lying in the hospital with a diagnosis of cirrhosis and viral hepatitis b. I started broadcasting her Matrix by phone directly to the hospital, at this point the main crisis was averted, but she experienced the incredible weakness, block, dehydration etc.. She was discharged to go home. At home she continued to listen to the Individual Matrix based on the photo all night. After 3 weeks she was able to go out onto the street. After 2 months she felt quite cheerful, but now she is generally well and lives an active life. Unfortunately, the liver ultrasound has not been done. I always remind, her but it gets postponed…

Novosibirsk, 23 October 2015


After a year of listening to Matrix, my son with Type 1 Diabetes has lost the constant headaches, gone are the periodic leg cramps, and his general health has significantly improved compared to before he started listening. Although his blood sugar isn’t yet fully stabilised he has a different perspective and there is a desire to recover.

Moscow, 22 August 2016


It has been a year since you sent the Matrix for my daughter for her diabetes. I want to write about the treatment outcomes and the impact the Matrix has had on her body.

  1. The first thing is that thanks to the Matrix she very quickly managed to normalize her body temperature. Earlier I believed the temperature depends on the presence of iodine in the body and I fed my daughter sea kale. As soon as the iodine intake stopped in the form of cabbage, the temperature dropped again. After listening to Matrix, after about 10 days her temperature was normalized to the level of 36.6°C and keeps constantly. This is very important, since enzymes work at certain temperatures. I recently read that the body temperature is controlled by the hypothalamus. This means that the Matrix created a correction at this level.
  2. Secondly, the impact that has occurred on my daughter’s mental/nervous status. How it manifested itself is very interesting. Olesya had a very responsible attitude toward schooling and was very afraid of getting a bad mark for each work assessment. Any persuasion that “evaluation is not the most important thing in life” had no impact. After listening to the Matrix, I noticed that my daughter was not attentive, quieter, started doing “stupid” errors, which she never did before. And then I realized what had happened, and the great thing is that she no longer worries about “my” spelling errors. Now she is also “without nerves and shaking”.

Saratov, 27 December 2016


I want to write you a little review after a month of using the Matrices. The result is that after the first listening to the Matrix, made using my mom's pictures at 6 months of age, I felt the heat in the palms of the hands and feet, as well as in the area of the neck. Also gone was the dry skin on my hands, which got irritated by the cold.
I lost the drowsiness, which arose, apparently, due to hypothyroidism, because my thyroxine was low, but there is a periodical side effect where my heart rate increases. now I no longer had get spasms of the muscles, my digestion improved. Before, when cleaning my teeth I often got bleeding gums. Now there is none.   I will continue to listen!

Sverdlovskaya oblast, 09 September 2015


I have listened to your Matrix for three months twice a day, every day, almost always at both ends of the day, since I'm at work during the day. To remind you, the primary diagnosis was chronic pancreatitis.

Results: Almost from the very first listening there was a clear increase in urination. I did not tell you, but my problem appeared about 2-3 years ago, against the background of prolonged use of the pill. Nevertheless, listening manifested a positive result. But the most unpleasant, I would even say, terrible symptom I had was the emergence of a “musty” burp after a meal. A few hours after eating I invariably needed to go to the toilet with severe pain in the area of my pancreas, that sometimes lasted several days without letting up day, or night. This eventually led to me being referred to you. I am pleased to inform you, that ever since I listen to the Individual Matrix program I have had no such occurrence after eating. In addition, for over ten years I have had an intolerance to potatoes, whether fried, or boiled, always resulted in flatulence. However, recently I ate fried potatoes several times without any problem. Also, since the beginning of listening my weight has increased about 4-5 kg as has my appetite, naturally.
I am very grateful to you for your help and hope for further improvement of my health due to your Matrix.

Chelyabinsk region, 18 January 2015


Hello, Petr Petrovich. In 2009 I was diagnosed with hepatitis. On top of this the doctor told me I have cirrhosis, “already for 10 years”, but I never felt any symptoms. A year later something started in my pelvis, and soon I was in pain could neither walk, nor sit, and could only lie on my back. I was passed between many doctors – Urologists, Neurologists, Gynaecologists – all in vain. After three years they had no diagnosis other than the symptom.
Eventually it was diagnosed after cystoscopy as “Interstitial Cystitis”. It was severe, and according to official medicine, incurable. I was only treated with homeopathy, and herbal medicine because anything else was a problem for my liver. For the past two years I’ve had terrible pain, insomnia and more, peculiarly to this type of cystitis. I was a complete wreck and an old woman. When I clicked on your site and read about your matrix, I got it, that you can help me.
A month ago, I listened to the Matrix you sent me, and on the first night felt the illness and a healing crisis. I decided to wait how you advise, and abandoned listening. Three days later the pain subsided, and I began to listen again.
Over the past 10 days, I listen 2-3 times a day - at night, morning, and afternoon.
I have much improved sleep, and if I listen during the day, better mood. I feel energised and do not have to go through each hour to relax. My liver hurts less, and all the feelings of inflammation stopped, which had lasted for the past 5 months. I stopped taking the medicines when I started to listen. Every day I began to feel better and better. I stopped drinking anything but water. I was on 2 tablets for the pain in my pelvis, 2-3 times a day. The bladder condition improved: before each urine volume was 30-40 ml, now - 70-100 ml. Also my vision has slightly improved. All my friends with whom I'm meeting and talking on the phone note that my voice has become much brighter and in the same way that I look better.
With gratitude.

Moscow, 18 May 2014


Hello, my name is KC (29 years). In 2003. I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis – an incurable disease. The forecast of conventional medicine was removing my large intestine and death. Over the next 8 years, I was getting worse and worse. I had bloody diarrhoea 10 times a day, persistent pain in the abdomen, weakness and dizziness. I could not work. In January 2011, I could only eat bananas and boiled carrots. My weight dropped to 60 kg, height 175 cm. The doctor prescribed me medicine (Pentasa) but this has helped me only at the beginning. For several months I had improvement, but I was sick again and again. I was also taking steroids (hydrocortisone). I was ill all the time. In January 2011, I met Dr Ustinov, a neurologist. At the time I had blood my stool and no energy. Dr Ustinova introduced me to Prof Peter Gariaev. I sent him my photo from when I was 1 month old, and he recorded an Individual Matrix sound program for me. After 3 days of listening I have stopped having diarrhoea!! I have listened to the audio and watched a video during the day. I felt better and better! My energy, and the power of health came back to me quickly! I have a "ravenous appetite". A week later I was able to eat all the food! I'm constantly hungry!!! One month of listening has changed my life. Now I can eat everything, I have normal and regular bowels. I am my typical weight – I now weigh 72 kg. I feel better, began to run and train, and I look better. Conventional medicine predicted my death! Peter Petrovich Gariaev’s Matrix returned me to life! These programs brought back the joy and health to my parents! In the first place, they are happy for me, and, secondly, they also listen to my audio programs. Since I inherited their genetic information, my audio and video programs with spectra can be used by my parents. They have improved health after watching and listening to these programs! My mom is 62 , and Dad is 65. After one month of repeated listening to my audio programs my parents felt a surge of energy, and they have improved mood! Mom had an aneurysm of the aorta but after listening to my sound programs she has not. I keep listening to your audio programs and hope that my disease never come back. Thank you Prof Peter Petrovich Gariaev for a brilliant program, that saved me and my mom. Best wishes,

KC, 29 years, Cork, Ireland. 10 March 2011


Hello! My name is Eugenia. In the 27 years since I became seriously ill,  and as a result of it I've been having severe complications with my pancreas, intestines and the entire digestive tract. After long periods of inflammation in the pancreas it lysed, so I lost it’s function. The doctors were not able to help me in this situation, and many of them openly, said that I am the most serious stage they have seen and even offered to let me to select my treatment. My husband carried me home from the hospital. During the short time I lost weight, down to 36 kg with height 167cm and due to my serious digestion disorders I developed protein-free oedema. I was in despair. One day, looking for any assistance, I came across information about a method of wave genetics, by Professor Pyotr Petrovich Gariaev. Of course I believe it is useless, but in my situation I’d give anything a try. My husband immediately wrote to Dr Ustinova asking for help. She immediately started very actively helping us with recommendations, and tips to be implemented immediately to help the body in my situation. We ordered an Individual Matrix from my childhood photograph. This audio program was created by Prof Peter Petrovich Gariaev in his laboratory, and I immediately began to listen. I listened to it the first time almost around the clock, and carried out all of the recommendations. We spoke to Dr Ustinova. After some time, 2-3 weeks, positive changes started to happen.  My sleep started to improve, and my energy. I can't accurately describe the phenomenon of Wave Genetics, but it really works. Currently, my weight is 44 kg. I can walk and I have power, joy, confidence.  I can walk in the woods and enjoy life. I want to thank Dr Ustinova and Prof Pyotr Petrovich Gariaev. They are wonderful, nice people and very good professionals. Thank you, Petr Petrovich and Nadezhda Vasilevna. Your support has helped me to believe everything is possible and all will be well.
A low bow to you!

07 May 2013


My sincere thanks to Prof Pyotr Petrovich Gariaev. I am an emergency doctor, born March 31 1957.

21.12.2010: I was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus type 2, vascular papillitis OD (inflammation of the right optic nerve), and essential hypertension on.  

14.01.2011: I lost the sight in my right eye. I was treated in the Ophthalmology Department of the city of Biysk Altai Krai.

02.02.2011: 2 weeks of drug treatment was conducted without improving my vision.

12 02.2011: I was treated in Physiotherapy Department of Omsk city. Doctors said, that will not regain my vision.

21.12.2010: Dr Ustinova offered me Prof Pyotr Petrovich Gariaev’s Individual Matrix with information from pictures when I was age 3 years old. He made me my bespoke sound program. I listen to it regularly every day. My vision is improving I noticed after 1.5 months of listening. Now I can see a person, and small items as if in twilight. I’m sure, I will see, and the right eye is even better.

Within 5 years of taking drugs to lower blood sugar, twice a day, without receiving my tablets my morning blood sugar was 13-15. With regular sugar pills the morning was always 7.6 – 8.0.

01.11.2011: I was at a party and forgot my pills. They were at home, so I couldn't take my evening dose. After tea with sweets and pies, my sugar has risen to 14!  I had a player with the "Metabolism" Matrix. I had this program on all night and slept in the headphones at a just audible volume. This was my first experience of listening to this matrix. To my surprise, my morning sugar was 6.7! Without pills! I felt a great surge of energy! Again, my sincere thanks to Peter Petrovich Gariaev! I think I can live my life in good health for a long time.
Sincerely yours,

Dr SV, 55 years, Omsk. 20 November 2011



With regards to my internal organs, the changes are quite positive. Internally, aging has clearly slowed down, (I'm 74 years old). The condition of the joints and spine has clearly improved. The total amount of energy increases. There are signs of rejuvenation of the internal organs, that IN PRINCIPLE, shouldn't be possible!

I also use purification technology in my general health improvement. Most people pay no attention to parasite control. Currently I work as a parasitologist and successfully relieve my patients of internal diseases, using technologies of cleansing and getting rid of parasites with the help of natural remedies, i.e. Dietary supplements.
My understanding of diseases which are classified as hereditary, congenital, based on DNA breakage, unrecognized diseases, incurable – I consider them purely parasitic. In my 20 years of experience, ALL SICK people are infected with parasites. It is worth prescribing antiparasitic agents and the improvement occurs ALWAYS. It all depends on, how efficient the patient is and does not stop treatment ahead of time. Everybody gets well!

Altai, Barnaul, 12 August 2020


Thanks to your team! After listening to the Individual Matrix and supporting files I feel rejuvenated. It’s an unusual feeling; the brain remembers how the body was, and at the same time, the brain wonders at the new state of rejuvenation!!

Kurgan, 01 September 2016


Canada, 14 July 2017

It's been 3 months from the date I first used the Matrix I obtained from you. The results were the following: nail fungus cleared up, my skin around the elbow that had become dark returned to the normal white colour, my feet stopped sweating, the acne scars on my face disappeared, my menstruation began working painlessly. Mom listened to my Matrix from my childhood photo too.  It darkened part of her grey hair, and her wrinkles began to vanish. We will continue to listen to my Matrix to achieve even greater results.

Togliatti, 15 September 2017


I thank Peter Gariaev for his Individual Matrix programs made with my childhood photograph.
I listen to it regularly with the following results. Immediately I felt increased creativity and a lift in my mood. I was composed and humming during the day. I increased creative thinking. My health is in a perfect condition.
When I started listening to it I felt a strong purification of the body in the early days. Apparently, my body dropped accumulated slag.
Thanks to Professor Pyotr Petoviču Gariaev.
Yuri A., 27 years.  25 July 2013


Dear Petr Petrovich, I apologize for the long silence: February 20 flew from Moscow airport and was sick for more than 4 weeks (something catarrhal - ARD or flu, I do not know). I feared it may progress to pneumonia, but there were no complications. Because the disease I was not able to regularly play the Matrix. My total input from the date of receipt by you until March 30, I listened for two weeks, not more than once a day. I had notable subjective feelings - something in the choroid in the nose and in the head but only in the very first 2-3 days. To date the observed changes in the body: on March 25 I saw slight darkening of the grey hair on my crown, and then on the back of my head. After 5 days this effect has definitely increased as noticed by my wife. It seems that the growing black hairs are growing rapidly and have already reached 5-6 cm.
Best wishes,

VM, Cyprus. 05 April 2011


My name is DS. I'm 43 years old and a physical therapist. My colleague Dr Ustinova invited me to use the system for recovery which includes the Individual Matrix sound program, created by Peter Gariaev. In the laboratory of Professor Peter Gariaev he used the information from my photos when I was a few days after birth and created sounds based on my absolute healthy newborn status. On February 1, I started listening to my Individual Matrix. After the first days of listening, I felt a huge burst of energy and joy. It's like I lost 20 years. I had a great desire to run around, jump, do push-ups, and laugh. I began to train. Within a month, my muscles increased by 20% and my fitness - 50%, vision improved 60%, libido up 50%. When I'm feeling tired, I listen to the sounds of childhood "and recover quickly”. Many thanks to Peter Gariaev for his ingenious program that returned my youth, joy, and health.
Best regards,

DS, aged 43. Cork, Ireland. 06 March 2011

Conditions of Old Age

My Mom has listened to my Matrix for 4 months. I can say that the effect is pronounced. For about 1.5 months before, she began to get intense headaches, especially at night. Her Neurologist prescribed treatment with no effect. After 4-5 days of listening to my Matrix, her headaches began to decrease in intensity and frequency, and 10 days later they disappeared altogether. She completely refused painkillers. Moreover, for more than 50 years previously she had suffered with "a primary deforming polyosteoarthrosis", according to the old classification. She was constantly taking NSAIDs and doing daily joint exercises. Without this, she could not walk because of the pain in the joints and spine. After listening to the matrix for 2 months she abandoned her medicine except for occasionally, when the weather changes, but even then only small doses - dividing the tablet into 4-5 pieces. The effect has, in my opinion, been greater psychologically. She begged us to talk to her more quietly, so it seems to me that her hearing is recovering. Understand, that little time has passed. We will see what will happen next.

Ryazan, 14 March 2020


Respected, Peter Garyaev and all the staff of the Institute of Wave Genetics. You have given me the strength, and thanks to your method, I have again felt the taste for life. Three months ago I was lying practically not rising. I had no energy to even speak. I already live alone and in my 80s, that in itself is not easy. My former student (I taught at the college in Shchelkovo) brought your laboratory staff home to me, and he with the help of your software has put me back on my feet. On the second day I was able to go to the store, so that made me extremely happy. It's been two weeks now. I feel quite normal. I go out for a walk, to the market for produce. My energy is still not enough, but it is quite another state from before. I cannot say anything about the medical side of the problem, but I have a desire to live, to move, to meet people. All of it came as something at once without pills and injections. I'm thinking to drive to the country in my car. I am sincerely grateful to you, Petr Petrovich, for your brilliant work, and all that, that you and your employees are doing for the good of our health. With respect and gratitude.

Shchelkovo, 11 October 2018


It is exactly nine months from when I started to listen to the Individual Matrix. My main problem was severe hair loss for a very long time. My hair no longer falls out! This hair loss completely stopped after listening around the sixth month.  I listen every night as I do not physically have time during the day as the program lasts 1 hour 20 minutes. Now I hope that the hair bulbs will start to recover and the volume will increase. But to not be afraid to wash or comb your hair is just a magical feeling! Before, I was afraid of this since the comb gathered a lot of hair and now only 5 or 10… Gratitude for this!
About the rejuvenation of the whole body and the stage of my organs, I do not know, but I feel and look good. I got Herpes inflamed lips 6 months into listening, but not as before. Prior to listening I used to get 5-7 large bubbles, but after listening only 1-2 small, and none for the last three months.

Germany, 21 December 2018


Hello. I began to listen to the Matrix 29.04.2014. On the first day – five times, and from the second day I went up to 10 times, sometimes accompanied by energy from the environment by using the palms facing up to facilitate the activity of energy forces of the body. After five days of use of the program, there was some activity with the hernia, accompanied by mild heat with reduced.
May 12, 2014, I wrote in my diary:

“Today, after two weeks of listening to the Matrix, one of my two old hernias has decreased in size, and the other which was about 2 cm in size, no longer exists completely. This means I will soon be able to return to a normal life. From the traditional medicine perspective this is a miracle!!! It is just impossible to explain, and is only part of the grace, that gave me the Matrix.”

Can you imagine my excitement, when all I had read about the works of Gariaev suddenly became possible with my own body!!! Administration of DNA information, which was taken from my photos when I was not yet 1 year after my birth!!!
In parallel with this, the stitch that used to give me great discomfort when walking has completely gone. The 4th and middle fingers on his right hand were crooked as a consequence of a fall of about 10-12 years ago, and after the surgical correction of joints, both wrists were slightly swollen. Now there is no more wrist swelling or thickening of the fingers.
25.05.2014 The large hernia is reduced by 1 cm.

26.05.2014 There was a feeling, that the hernia “rises in its place”.

27.05.2014 I did the first strong physical effort (without lifting weights) with arm movements for 40 min duration with no signs of a hernia.
Almost five months have passed, and I am now in a deep phase of “rejuvenation”. The results are excellent: from having almost completely grey hair, it slowly began to grow as black hair; my eyebrows that used to be quite white and course have significantly darkened and become soft, and my skin has regained its old softness and is smooth all over my body without the use of any additional treatment. The rough skin on my heels and elbows has completely gone, as well as the so-called “ivory leather” from kneeling. My joints, especially my knees have become fully flexible and my body movement is softer and lighter. In addition to the physically visible signs, it is important to note the return of my mental function to normal capacity.  That to me is very important, because I am a multilingual translator, and write articles about the development of modern technologies in the field of physics. Thus, although I will soon be in 73, I've lost the feeling of old age and infirmity! The only question is how can I thank Prof Gariav and his team enough?
THANKS! I wish and hope, that Prof Gariaev will receive the Nobel Prize, because what he does for Science is worthy of the highest recognitions of mankind.

Zagreb, Croatia, 10 November 2014


I listen to the Matrix created by Prof Petrovich Gariaev on the road when driving, as I drive a lot. My night vision is very clear and bright objects increased. In the morning there is no fatigue in my body. The structure of my muscles and vertebrae also recover during sleep; the vertebrae themselves fall into place, and joint blocks are relaxed giving me a feeling more normal in my youth. My back and thoracic pain has gone. My grey hair slowly turns dark. I would like it to happen to faster! The Matrix correction helps my health information, Thanks Hope Ustinova- she referred me as a patient. Thanks To Peter Gariaev, Thank you! I hope I will live healthy!

Sergey Medvedev, Krasnoyarsk. 02 August 2013


My mom was diagnosed by her doctors with Alzheimer's Disease. I ordered the Matrix for my mother. Here I am writing a report about listening. She listened to the files for 17 days. At first she listened twice a day, morning and evening, and in the second week went up to three times; in the morning, at lunch and in the evening. She improved but not so fast as desired. Mom is now able to go to the toilet which is progress!!! The most interesting thing is that her ankles were previously very hard and swollen, and were painful to touch. Now the left ankle has become softer and painless, and her dark veins have gone.  The right is more problematic, but also began to slowly improve. She uses the water, that the Matrix is charging, topically, but it is improving more slowly. Perhaps there's a blockage in the blood vessels?

I think, at least half a year she has now listened to the Matrix. Mom always falls asleep to it when I have put it on in the background the dream has now become a long 10-12 hours.

Moscow, 27 April 2014


I am 71 years old. I approached Professor Gariaev, because I have a genetic disease, Spinal Muscular Dystrophy. I was diagnosed in 1961 when I fell whilst walking. In 2001, constantly experiencing severe weakness, I moved to a wheelchair.

At the beginning of 2016 I ordered a Matrix. I listen to the wav format nearly every day, taking small breaks. In the first six months I listened to all files 3 times a day. Now I turn on at night. After the first few days of listening, I felt quite significant, but temporary pain in several areas. It was my left knee, headache in the upper left frontal lobe, and the left eye. The strongest feeling was very cold feet, and very cold from the hip to the knee. This feeling was unusual for me, because when I'm in my wheelchair, I have several layers of blankets. I’m still having pain sensations in some areas when I’m listening, but not so strong as before. From the first day I started listening I sneezed a lot and had a runny nose. My blood pressure was always about 140/75. Now it is constantly around 110/60. In addition, my heart rate which was about 75-80 is now 45 to 50. These are very unusual changes.

After 6 months listening, I found myself capable of movements I could not do for years. I was able to raise my right hand up to the side at an angle of 50°. Before, I could only twitch my hand without raising it. It's been about 10 years since I could last do this. My increase in muscle mass is very small. It’s as if communication between my brain and muscles has switched on.  I stop as I get tired quickly.

My face is "brighter". My mood is almost always happy. I am feeling hungrier.
After more than two years, my pain was completely gone. When I listen to the files before I received 700 mg oxycodone daily to overcome the pain in the spine, but now I have stopped taking it as there is no pain. My fatigue is completely gone. Before, if I went to the doctor, even for short visits, it took me a few days to recover, to recuperate with much sleep. Therefore, I took modafinil to cope with the fatigue. Now I have peace in my chair and I can leave the house for several hours without feeling tired. I stopped taking modafinil. Since 2003, I have used an artificial lung ventilation, both day, and night. I do not need the machine now, and only occasionally I use it at night. With my progress so far, it gives me hope for further improvement in my condition.

United States, Benson, 26 May 2018


Hello! In May I started to listen to your body's upgrade Matrix, twice a day for 1.5 hours (morning and evening). A week later, I have already felt relief from my joint pain (before in the morning, I could not extend my fingers) and my entire body feels alive. My sleep has improved and I have become calmer. After 2 months of listening I notice my toenails are smooth, but curly knobs. I would like to thank Peter Petrovich for my program! Thank you so much!
Thanks Prof Gariaev and his team.

Moscow. 31 August 2014


My name is Damian Clear, I am 31 years old. In 2006 I was diagnosed with damage to the left knee meniscus and had orthopaedic surgery. It is not a big operation and despite improvements, I continued to feel the pain. In late 2010, I hurt my other knee. And this time I had damaged menisci on both legs, From running playing football I could hardly walk. This was my tragedy. My doctor-traumatologist refused to help me and said what I had done does not need surgery on the knees. Perhaps, this can be done in the future. I started regularly listening to Individual Matrix made from my baby photos by Prof Peter Gariaev in February 2011. After listening for about a month, my physical shape has improved significantly, and after hard training my muscles began to recover very quickly. I also feel I have improved concentration and I do not get tired, as before. I assume, the healing process takes time to solve my problems with my knees. That is why, I'm going to continue to listen to the sounds regularly.

DC,  aged 31 years. Cork, Ireland. 02 April 2011

Cardio-vascular System

A friend of mine from another region of Bashkiria fully restored his health after 2 severe heart attacks with the Individual sound Matrix from a photo and, in addition, using the Gariaev-Mishin Modulator at the age of 70 years. 

Republic of Bashkortostan18 January 2022


Diagnosis: thrombosis in the lower extremities. The doctors predicted it would lead to gangrene and amputation.
Listening to the individual Matrices with positive results.
After the first day of listening, in the morning he walked to the sink without pain. During the first week, the long trophic ulcer that has not healed up in a year or two of treatment is healing. Gone are the painful cramps that happened several times a day. Two weeks later he no longer bandages his feet. His foot swelling went down, and the look of his legs changed as his skin began to appear brighter. He started to feel good. After three weeks of listening, his appearance is as if he is 7-10 years younger. Gone is the exhausted old man mask, and his hair began to darken. His pulmonary embolism blood clots are gone too and now he coughs and has normal breathing. He no longer gasps when talking or moving.
He has been listening to the matrix from the end of June.
He is now active, in a good mood, and the hair on the back of his head darkened by about 70%.

GVA. 66 years old, 23 August 2013


Patient: I.B. - man, 85 years, Croatia.
Diagnosis: In 2004: Cardiac stenosis of the right artery - 75%, stenosis of the left anterior descending artery - 98%, diffuse lesion of the circumflex artery - 90%, first diagonal artery stenosis -95%.
Conclusion — severe coronary artery disease, treated with an angioplasty with stent in the anterior descending artery.
In 2013. a bladder cancer was found. Treatment consisted of transurethral removal of urinary bladder + chemotherapy with anti-cancer drugs in small doses. After the operation an inflammatory process caused by bacteria Mycoplasma (H). and E. coli started. The cancer had not stopped. The patient was very weak, almost did not move. Radiotherapy damaged the liver and the kidney. The patient was sent home to continue treatment. The cardiologist suggested a new operation to install another stent.
As a result of the treatment using the Gariaev Matrix his dysuria phenomenon stopped, and the haematuria stopped. Ultrasonography revealed a 35 – 40% decrease in bladder tumours already after just 4 weeks of using the Individual Matrix. After 2 months, the patient began to move independently. His pain had gone, the Mycoplasma (H) was not detected. Cardiologist offers replacement drug therapy for improving the work of the heart. The treatment continues. Today, the blood test results confirm the complete regression of cancer. The patient continues to use the Matrix to treat infestations of E. coli. The patient's condition is satisfactory.

Centre for Quantum Diagnosis and Therapy, 28 March 2014


Good evening. From 09.2012 I’ve been listening to the mp3 Matrix min. 3-4 times a week, sometimes whilst looking at a movie or listening to music. Maybe I did something wrong. But ... today my friend and two staff colleagues noticed. Everyone told me this independently from each other, i.e. this question has never been discussed and I never reported my listening. I feel the following very positive changes climbing the stairs at a run with no shortness of breath. I noticed, that I’m walking to work in the morning much more quickly, and the small rash has disappeared from my forehead. My blood pressure has normalized. You Are A Genius!!!!!! Thank you for your hard work and burning ambition.
Elena Lobazova, Germany. 03 December 2012

Eyes & Vision

Dear Petr Petrovich!
It has been 10 weeks since the day (15.09.2013) I began to regularly listen to my Individual Matrix, made by you with my baby photo (6 months). Now is the time to report the first results.
As you know, my main problem was my eyes. Macular degeneration was diagnosed in the right eye in 2007; and since 2011 it has gradually increased, as well as a dark spot in the centre of the field of vision of the left eye.
In September 2013 I could not read or see to write with the left eye without a magnifying glass. My right eye was almost blind: I could only distinguish large items in my peripheral vision. Ophthalmologists (in Russia and Cyprus) said that process was irreversible vision loss: It can be a little slow, but my disease did not respond to treatment.
In the first 4 weeks of listening to the matrix there was ​​no noticeable change, but from the fifth week, there have been signs of improvement in both eyes, especially fast in the week after the eighth week.

  1. The measure of any visible eye is the ability to see vertical and horizontal lines. With the wave-like and even intermittent (in general there was fragmentation and distortion of the visually perceived images) nature it was impossible to identify letters in the text. Now I see almost smooth lines.
  2. Reduced dimensions and density of dark spots in the centre of the visual field, not only of the left, but the right eye (almost blind since 2007). Illuminated subjects "shine through" strongly, indicating therefore increased light sensitivity in the visual cells.
  3. Significantly corrected colour vision. Both eyes have almost never seen red at traffic lights, and now I see it. In addition, the right eye did not distinguish yellow (it seemed like white), and the leaves on the trees seemed strongly blue-green. Now the right eye sees yellow colour well although not so bright as the left.
  4. Increased Visual acuity, that is especially important for me. The left eye is able to read the newspaper, and even smaller text. With the right eye (that was almost blind) I can already read the newspaper headlines. Against the background of the powerlessness of conventional medicine this result seems sensational.

Thank you so much!!!

24 November 2013

Alcohol Addiction

In August 2012 Petr Petrovich Gariaev prepared my Individual Matrix with my childhood photograph. At first I listened to it regularly, every day at night with headphones. Dr. Nadezhda Ustinova advised me to order this correction and she helped me aim for a cure.
Since August I have led a sober lifestyle. For 22 years before that I had a passion for alcohol. This is for me the best result. I am very happy.  I go to the pool, tidy my house. Many thanks to Prof Pyotr Petrovich Gariaev and Dr. Hope Ustinova.

Marina A., '52, Irkutsk. 25 July 2013


In January 2011 I met with Dr Hope Ustinova who encouraged me to purchase an Individual Matrix sound program by Prof Pyotr Petrovich Gariaev, containing information read from my photos before I was 22 years old. I began to listen to the program on a regular basis. After 2 months of listening to the sound programs with my information "of youth", I have an improvement of health, a surge of strength, better working capacity, not wanting to drink alcohol. I fell in March 2011, and for a few days felt pain in the knee. After 7 days of listening to the Matrix, the pain completely stopped. At the end of March 2011, I made repairs in the kitchen and the hallway of my apartment. I, in my 73rd year surprised all my friends with my health.

A brief history of my life. In 1943, I and my family were deported to Siberia, and I only returned home to Elista in 1955. At age 20 I got married and gave birth to four children. Of them, only two are alive now. All my life I've worked as a house painter-plasterer. As a 22-year-old I became addicted to drinking alcoholic beverages. My husband also liked to drink and therefore died early in 1993. After 50-55 I began to be celebrated drunken periods every 2 months. Up to 21.01.11 binges lasted 1 to 2 weeks, maximum 3 weeks. I was quite an alcoholic but never was treated for alcoholism. Since 21.01.11 at the moment I have had no desire to drink alcohol for 15 months. I rejoice in life with my family. My family and I thank Prof Peter Petrovich Gariaev who has return me as a mother and grandmother to normal.

LL, 73 years old. Elista, Russia. 29 April 2012

Universal Matrix

Universal Matrix "Immunity" No. 1: I listened for a month. I felt when there was a switch to systems and organs. A month later, a very harmonious state appeared, pandemic fears are gone, began to live calmly and confidently. Thank you very much!!!

Pskov14 September 2020

I am almost 80 years old. I use the following Universal Matrix programs developed by Dr Gariaev; "Immunity" No. 1, the "Skeletal" No. 2-1 and "Rejuvenation" No. 9 for almost three years. I can report the following changes -

  • many years of pain have almost gone
  • I have become more active, calmer and I began to dream.
  • Blood pressure has normalized.
  • Most importantly the varicose veins of my legs were black. After unsuccessfully trying leeches (non-healing wound) an operation was scheduled. As a result of using your programs, modulator and ointments there was no need for surgery. My legs are lighter and are less painful.

A low bow to you! I live only thanks to you and your Wave Genetics sound tracks.

Moscow20 April 2020

I bought the "Eyesight Support" No. 8 Universal Matrix from you. I had a retinal injury fifteen years ago and every six months Dr Muldasheva gave me Aloe injections. After listening to your "Eye Support" for two months, a recent test showed that the optic nerve has begun to react to light. If the roots are alive, the trunk of a tree will grow. Спасибо. All the best.

Moscow17 November 2019

I have been listening to the "Anti-Aging" Universal Martix No.5 since 19 June 2013. I usually listen to a little part of it each day. Sometimes I sleep through the entire program on low volume. I want to talk about the results. I've already written to you about my improved sleep and I've become calmer. For a long time this was the only effect there has been. I was upset and stopped listening in order to observe the reaction of my body.

A couple of days ago I had to walk, several times in a row, to climb the stairs to the 4th floor. I was very tired and my legs were hurting, especially the feet, but my knees did not hurt . I realised only the next day, but for several years before when I am going up the stairs, I have felt pain in the right and the left knee with different intensity, but it almost always hurt. I was very glad and even told my colleagues about your work and gave them the website address.
Best regards
Irene, 01 August 2013


My story began when I bought expired date bad porridge in the store. After eating it, I was taken to hospital with severe cramping pain in the stomach area. I was diagnosed with pancreatic necrosis. Twice I nearly died. After five days at the hospital the doctor summoned my relatives, because he did not think I could be saved. At the same time, in the hospital a friend brought Universal Matrix No. 4 of Peter Petrovich Gariaev, “Metabolism & Digestion”. I immediately started to listen to it. I listened to it from 10 pm to 10 am for 3 months, without interruptions. After 2.5 months I was discharged. The Dr wrote that my condition is satisfactory. The doctor said I should stay on a certain diet, for the rest of my life. I also discovered I had found a gallstone, 1.8 cm across. But after repeated tests, two weeks later the doctors said I was healthy, and the gallstone could no longer be found. After 3 months of daily listening my body recovered! Thanks to Peter Petrovich and his assistants!

Izhevsk, 10 April 2016

Informational Creams

Informational Creams

I am 60 years old. I am a Consultant Obstetrician-Gynaecologist with 38 years medical experience. I first learned about the technology of Professor PP Gariaev from his son, a doctor, too. My family inheritance is burdened with the following diseases: diabetes mellitus, essential hypertension, ischemic stroke. I use creams every day for over a month: I put on face wrinkles, the skin of the occipital area and neck to improve blood circulation of the neck and head vessels. I have a long-term injury: torn ligaments both knees, cracked kneecaps, gap left ankle ligaments. I have been in pain and lameness when walking and climbing stairs. After daily use of the creams at night, the swelling of my feet disappeared and the pain.

Like many women my age, there are problems in the urogenital area: vulvitis and postpartum haemorrhoids. Now, thanks to the creams, these conditions have gone. With respect to the informational cream it restores the smooth muscle cells of the whole organism. As an obstetrician-gynaecologist with years of experience, I recommend these unique products to all women of any age: from 0 to old age, especially in the postnatal period for healing wounds after giving birth, to restore the muscles of the perineum, incontinence, involuntary discharge of stool and gas, when the vaginal wall prolapses and for uterine prolapse in women. This unique tool must be used in child-bearing women to restore the muscles of the perineum, to improve the quality of sexual function and improve the quality of sexual life for couples.

I am very grateful to all the teachings of the team of Professor PP Gariaev . With best wishes for further discoveries.

Kazakhstan23 March 2019

She then followed this testimonial up a year later with the following one after using the creams for a longer period of time ....

I am an obstetrician-gynecologist. I am 61 years old with 39 years work experience. 9 months have passed since I first started using the Informational Ointments and liquid ZHKIM. Only now I understand, without a shred of doubt and full of hope for the improvement of any conditions by using the ointment. I want to share the result of using the information and ZHKIM ointment for medicinal and cosmetic procedures.

Ointment use on all parts of the body

I'll start with the head. 2019 spring, I bought a supplement for weight loss. I drank, was not thin, and had 6 small patches of baldness the size of a 5-kopeck coin. Without panic, I started to smear the informational ointment on the problem areas and massage it in. After 1.5 to 2 months the hair is growing back. I used the ointment for cosmetic purposes as a night cream for my face. I have little to say except it is excellent - it is just magic!! In the last 50 years my facial skin had become bloated, with enlarged pores, age spots and warts. With regular daily use, all of the above has disappeared: the skin is perfect, like a child: wrinkles are smoothed, swelling is gone, pores are shrinking, pigmentation is going, warts are smoothed out. As I have written, it is no exaggeration! I stopped buying branded cosmetic cream, because of their ineffectiveness and uselessness. I know not to do Botox: it is harmful, inefficient, temporary and dangerous to health.

Body:  I have dry skin on the body, and so I use this as an ointment cream: I smear rough areas, hands, heel, like all women, and all this leads me to the delight of the results, skin soft as a baby and lasting effect.

Now I want to share as a physician, and as a woman who has received personal results while using the ointment. This ointment may be used by all diabetics, patients with ulcers of the perineum , with radiation burns on the bladder, vagina, vulva and rectum after radiotherapy, with nappy rash in patients with diabetes, in women with vaginal dryness and perineum during menopause syndrome. Finally, women whose libido is reduced due to any problems.

I will explain the action of the ointment: using ointments enhanced local lymph and circulation, decreases oedema, decreases pain, heals cracks and abrasions, festering wounds, libido appears.

I recommend using the ointment for both men, and women for the treatment of festering wounds of all body parts, as well as the urethra, vagina and rectum. The spectrum of diseases that can be treated is unlimited. Before use, be sure to conduct a sensitivity test for tolerance, even though it has a hypoallergenic effect.

With love and gratitude to all the staff of Professor PP Gariaev.

Kazakhstan26 February 2020


Hello. My name is D. For thirty-four years, I have suffered with a number of ailments; namely, problems with the digestive tract and the well-known haemorrhoids. 
So here is the result!  I began treating my haemorrhoids that had been there half a year.  For five days, every night I applied KIK ointment with a cotton swab on the anus and went to bed. In the first three days there was no improvement. This is a usual observation as it focuses and accumulates in the heart of the problem. So on the fourth day, there were improvements - pus disappeared, and the haemorrhoid "slept". 

Ust-Kamenogorsk, 10 October 2019

[Use KIK2 or KIK4 with concurrent infection]


The cream works great with bruises. I hit my leg somehow, and it was swollen and puffed up. The cream helped and immediately removed the pain. Quickly, and without any lasting signs it removed the bruise from the leg. It took two weeks I guess, but the bruise was strong….

Another time I used the Informational Cream, KIK-3, and within 3-4 days it reduced the appearance of dermatitis on the leg. After four weeks the dermatitis has gone completely.

Tatarstan20th July 2020


I used information cream, KIK-3, and within 3-4 days it reduced the appearance of dermatitis on my leg. After four weeks the dermatitis was gone completely. Immediately after the first application of the cream it healed a half-dry sore on my hand that would not heal before.

Recently I got cold when I was out on the street a couple of times. I had a very sore throat on the right side. I rubbed KIK-3 on the outside of my larynx where is was sore. I even put some cream in both nostrils and breathed it in deeply. It start itching, which meant a positive impact. In the morning already I am feeling better.

Kostroma, 09 March 2020

Treating Burns
Wave Genetics for burns

Gariaev-Mishin Modulator

I have been using the Gariaev-Mishin Modulator and Individual Matrix for more than a year. Every day I listen 1-2 times, and have never regretted getting it. All the symptoms described are gone. I'm writing a letter, looking at my hands. Almost no veins were visible, until I mentally said and wanted to write: ” Veins are not visible”. I didn't have time to finish the phrase before my veins appeared, but half what they were. Nerves and words are connected to each other.

Practically I have become a healthy person. During the day I listen to the Matrix with the Modulator once without fail. In the evening after listening, my fatigue goes away and I am invigorated again. With a headache, after 1 hour max. and everything is fine again. After a long walk for 3 hours, sometimes I feel fatigue too. I will rest for an hour with the Matrix and again I am jovial.

A month ago, I seemed to have jinxed myself. I just had to think, that I feel good and nothing bothers me, and the itching at the front of my legs resumed!

To finish, I had an ultrasound of my kidneys from 12/19/19. My Dr noted: right kidney, size 11.0 x 4.3 cm, smooth contours, located typically, echogenicity within normal limits. Parenchyma thickness 1.4 cm. The cups are not expanded. The pelvis is not expanded. Stones not identified. However there were other pathological formations: in the lower pole in the parenchyma, a site of increased echogenicity with dimensions of 0.3 x 0.3 cm – a possible fibrosis site or angiomyolipoma? Internally, I don't feel anything negative. Adjacent to the right eyebrow sometimes in the middle, another time I see a swelling closer to my nose, - like a wrinkle, which is more visible after applying the coils. The oedema does not go away under the left eye; it is much less under the right, almost invisible. These are the external manifestations. I put coils on my back in the kidney area, and in front of the urethra.
I only began to realise I'd had kidney pathology when the symptoms disappeared due to the G-MM + IM.
I am very pleased, that I learned about you and bought a Modulator and my Individual Matrix.
Thank you very much.

Saint-Petersburg, 19 December 2021


And another friend of mine from another region of Bashkiria fully restored his health after 2 severe heart attacks with the same sound matrices and, in addition a Gariaev-Mishin Modulator at the age of 70 years. I am very glad that in our country there are still some such brave scientists and his followers, despite the pressure from the parasitic consumer system. Keep serving your people. Good luck and all the best to you.

Republic of Bashkortostan, 18 January 2022


In February last year, I contacted you with the following problems.

  1. The main diagnosis is depression, neuroses and back pain;
  2. Other complaints: lack of self-esteem, overweight.

I received my Individual Matrix of 26 tracks and a Gariaev-Mishin Modulator in February 2020. I listened, as you advised with the modulator. My depression and neuroses are gone. I am a healthy and happy person. Also 80% of my back pain is gone. It only appears when when I lift too much, but it quickly goes! My self-doubt has disappeared too! Thank you and your colleagues very much! Thanks to you I have become a new person!

Germany, 16 January 2021


I want to write words of thanks for the Gariaev-Mishin Modulator. I acquired the device in March 2020 to maintain my health, and I have never regretted it. My mom has very good results. She had a severe attack of cystitis - taking pills and herbal infusions did not help at all. She could not sit, walk etc. I performed 10 procedures in total: 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening with the Detoxification Matrix that comes with the Modulator. After two days of using it, the pain was gone, and she is now fully recovered. Now we use the "Immunity" Universal matrix program. A low bow to you for your work for the good of people.

Moscow, 22 July 2020

UK Testimonials 2022

12.05.2022: Roger Meacock kindly introduced me to the DNA-repairing Wave Genetics a few weeks ago and the results have been excellent.  Below is a short testimonial that you are welcome to share. All I had to do was to fill in a questionnaire about my medical history and send a photograph of myself as a baby to Roger, and the sound files came back on a memory stick. I loaded these onto my MP3 player and listen to it at night when I am asleep. Couldn't be easier!

I have just ordered a sound matrix for my Golden Retriever Phoebe too, who is now 11.5 years young, in the hope that she can enter her teenage years as healthy as possible.

I decided to try the Wave Genetics because I have a long 30-year history of immune system dysfunction and allergies, which started as a teenager around the time I was diagnosed with ME when I couldn’t walk. Over the years I have tried many many complementary therapies to get back to full health, but none has worked as well as the Wave Genetics. I noticed an immediate relief in the symptoms of tiredness, aching lymph glands in my neck and brain fog. I describe the improvement of the brain fog as feeling as though the sludge has been removed from my brain! And for the first time I can remember, I have not had to take a hay fever tablet (homeopathic or antihistamine) this year. My overall health, vitality and mood have all improved. For anyone considering whether to order a Wave Genetics sound matrix, it is an unequivocal yes from me!

08.06.2022: I love listening to it [Individual Matrix with photo] when I’m waking up in the morning and you can feel all weird things happening! Making a massive difference to my life and I’m absolutely thrilled. Never thought I could feel this well.

14.06.2022: Played it to Phoebe this morning when I was out and she was VERY bouncy and playful when I got in!  Felt quite emotional listening to her sound matrix as a puppy!

Had to go out again so popped Phoebe's WG on again and same reaction. She was like a puppy with her toys when I came in. 



11.06.2022: All my problems really stem from having TB as I child.  I can say is that I haven't needed to use my Portable Oxygen Concentrator since May 30th. I started my Individual Matrix on May 25th, so things are looking positive. I am also taking homeopathy alongside the Wave Genetics.



23.08.2022: I began letting WG heal me on 15th February this year.  This is what has healed so far :-

  • Heart murmur I was born with - gone
  • Allergy to oranges - gone
  • Bones in my legs damaged in the 1966 car crash - now straight
  • Hip joint malformed in babyhood - now a proper ball and socket
  • All surgical scars - gone
  • I have also had mental issues from the war resurface - no more nightmares.

For the last few weeks the healing process has revisited the Endometriosis I suffered from as a student. Every time a cyst burst it was painful, but I knew this was the only way to get rid of them. I drank water to flush my system out. It was an exhausting time. Had I stopped the process, cysts would have remained and could have caused cancers at some point.

On Sunday I woke up feeling well, totally healed and full of joy. I was so pleased that I'd stuck with this particular re-visit. Then I thought, this is the aim - we are using the WG to get our bodies back to the healthy state they were in during our early childhood.

I don't know what will be re-visited by my body next. I hope it will be the muscles in my legs, but my body will decide.

M. T-S (aged 84)

(Please click through to read a fuller, updated testimonial and article on A lifetime of Innate Healing )


23.02.2023:  Yesterday I completed the 28 days of active listening to the sound files divided into four parts.

At the last session I “listened” to the files with no volume to see whether the same bodily sensations would occur as when listening with sound. The effect was the same.

There have been some results that I think are worth recording.

  1. For more than a year I had been having GI upsets with flatulence and bloating. I was having an issue the first day I listened to the sound files. When I had finished listening to the first one, which was my Individual Matrix file, I realised that the symptoms had disappeared. Since then, there has been some momentary flatulence but fleeting. On day 11 there was what I would call a healing crisis when I had bouts of diarrhoea. After that I would say that the problem has gone.
  2. About 10 months ago I fractured the head of my left humerus. Since then, the left ring finger stayed almost “stuck” to the middle finger. About two days after starting to listen to the files I was able to splay the ring finger normally and the improvement has remained.
  3.  For a number of years liver spots had formed on the back of my hands. On the right hand in particular there were three larger spots about 1cm in diameter. The texture of the skin over these spots was similar to scar tissue. About a week after starting to listen to the sound files I noticed that the colour of the spots had faded somewhat and the skin had little cracks. The skin then began to peel off, particularly from the middle spot, exposing healthy white skin underneath. The left spot is going through the same process and the colour of all three spots is now more pink than brown. The smaller spots are also losing colour.

02.04.2023: Feedback 2

After completing the 28 days of active listening to the sound files divided into 4 parts, I put the files on a loop playing 24/7 but each day listen to the personal matrix file based on my photograph.

The previous improvements have continued and some new ones have occurred.

  1. The liver spots on the back of my hand continue to fade. They have not disappeared yet but the colour has faded a lot. In some lights and at certain angles they are virtually indiscernible. The progress is more advanced on the right hand.
  2. The veins on the back of my hands have become less prominent and more like how they used to be,
  3. The skin on the back of the hands is smoother.
  4. In recent years my lower legs were showing many quite unsightly blue capillary veins. These veins are growing less visible. Once again, the process is more noticeable on the right leg.
  5. Since fracturing my left humerus, the left ring finger was slightly curved towards the middle finger. By day 32 the finger was almost straight again and the process is continuing.
  6. Also on day 32 I was able to put my ring back on the left ring finger for the first time since the fracture.
  7. On day 40 I was able to remove my sweater as I had always done by crossing my arms in front, taking hold of the bottom of the garment and pulling it over my head. Since the fracture this had been difficult because there was discomfort in the left shoulder and I had been removing the sweater by taking hold of the back of the neck and pulling it over.
  8. This same improvement in recovered range of movement is noticeable when I have to clean e.g windows. Until now when I wanted to use my left hand to clean, I often had to stand on tiptoe to be able to reach the top of the window (or else use the right hand). I am once again able to use the left arm normally for these tasks.
  9. No more bleeding gums as of around Day 50. ​​​​​

10.06.2023 Feedback 3

The listening regime remains as in Feedback 2: files on a loop playing 24/7 but each day listen to the personal matrix file based on my photograph.

The previous improvements have continued and some new ones have occurred.

  1. The liver spots on the back of my hand have faded a little more.
  2. Since fracturing my left humerus, to take hold of the seatbelt while sitting in the driver’s seat, I had to turn and take the belt with my right hand. About Day 60, with the driver’s seat was my husband’s driving position, I was able to take the seatbelt with my left hand.
  3. On Day 72 with the seat in my driving position, which is a bit further forward, I was able to take hold of the seat belt with my left hand with a slight twist of the torso. This has continued, although a slight twist is still required.
  4. From about Day 75 I am able to twist the left arm up the back as far as the right shoulder blade without the aid of the right hand which is what I had to do up till then. I am still not able to take the left hand into the centre of the back as I can do with the right.




My wife and I have being using the both the universal matrix and photo from Wave Genetics for about 4 months. We  started slowly rotating the sound files every other day and playing for an hour in the morning and again in the evening.
Initially had some minor side effects (nothing serious) and then as we increased frequency of usage we experienced no more side effects.
Since starting the program we have noted lots of benefits, such as:
  1. Effects of hay fever has reduced significantly (sneezing, itchy watery eyes, and congestion) now I take one tablet every 8 days (from 12 per week before that).
  2. Knee pain which I have been suffering from for over 15 years has reduced to where is now only mild pain sometimes typically after long walks.
  3. Insect bites and mouth ulcers which used to last for 4-5 days disappear in a few hours.
  4. Hearing improvement which was odd as I didn’t even realize I had an issue.
  5. Improved sleep and digestion
  6. More energy even after long walks or a short night sleep
  7. Hair loss has stopped, and noticed small hairs regrowing on my forehead.
  8. My wife has also noted that she is sleeping better plus her cycle is less painful and more regular.
We will continue to use and increase our listening time.