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Terms & Conditions

People visit and browse this Wave Genetics website with the understanding that conventional medicine and veterinary medicine do not yet understand or recognise the Quantum level science that underpins this revolutionary technology.  If you have a problem with this, then please leave the website and do not buy any of the products.

Wave Genetics is a technique for influencing the expression of DNA to aid the body to heal itself.  Whilst this can bring about positive changes in health we cannot guarantee everybody will respond under all circumstances.  Past successes that others have achieved are no guarantee that every individual will respond in exactly the same way in future.  No promises are made in terms of results, and no medical claims should be assumed. Wave Genetics in itself heals nothing, but can only help the body to use past or outside quantum information to heal itself where it is able to.

NB: If you are on any medication of any kind you should only stop or alter your dose based on the recommendations of your overseeing Doctor/Specialist/Practitioner who prescribed your treatment, or your GP. Wave Genetics takes no responsibility for any changes in your health that result from you altering your medication without taking proper advice.  You should work with your Doctor to assess when the time is right, if necessary based on test results that indicate any alteration to your medication is safe.

Wave Genetics is one aspect of a holistic approach to health that also requires a healthy diet, a healthy living and working environment, and a largely healthy lifestyle etc.  Wave Genetics is not a license to eat poor quality food, abuse alcohol/drugs etc, do no exercise and generally live an unhealthy lifestyle and then expect to be healthy.

Wave Genetics is not a magic wand that will cure all ills over night. It is a system of energetic influence that requires committment and dedication to the program.  Some conditions may require more than one matrix to address different levels of health complexity as each matrix helps peel off the layers of health. The more chronic and complex the condition, the more likely it will need a more complex approach for success to be possible.

Some people experience a very relaxing effect from listening to the Wave Genetics sound files. You should therefore follow the listening instructions and do NOT listen whilst operating machinery, driving or otherwise undertaking any activity where relaxation and/or a reduction in concentration may result in an accident. Wave Genetics takes no responsibility for anybody using any of their products in a situation where relaxation and/or loss of concentration results in any injury. 

Product Purchases and Returns

Individual Matrix products are paid for by Wave Genetics UK to Russia at the time Patient Questionnaires (and individual photos if used) are submitted to the laboratory in Russia for processing.  Work on an Individual Matrix starts immediately the information is received in Russia and can take up to 30 working days  (ie 4-6 calendar weeks) to complete.  By purchasing an Individual Matrix you understand that there can be no reimbursement once work has begun.

Universal Matrix products cannot be returned for reimbursement once sent out and received unless delivery is rejected and your order returned unopened.

Informational Creams cannot be returned once the packaging has been opened.

Modulators may be returned within 2 weeks of receiving it and must be returned with all components present in the original packaging and in pristine condition fit for resale.