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Frequently asked questions

Q1. Does Wave Genetics™ work for everybody?

A: Yes it can do, but it is a process that takes time for your body to re-adapt to the earlier DNA information and other influences to achieve a healthier state.  Different people respond at different rates too.  Younger people tend to respond more quickly and some individuals are just more receptive to Wave Genetics™ matrices than others, so their body will self-heal more quickly. You don't have to "believe" in Wave Genetics™ for it to work - the research results proves it's a real effect and not a placebo. 

Nobody can honestly claim that any single system of helping the body to heal is 100% guaranteed. There will inevitably be some who respond exceedingly well, and others who have a less positive experience. Much depends on the user’s commitment to the program, and maintaining a health diet and lifestyle too. Due to these multiple different variables beyond our control, we cannot offer any individual Warranty on the efficacy of the different matrices. Having said that, the overall succcess rate is very impressive, hence Prof Peter Gariaev's nomination for the Nobel Prize for Medicine 2021.

Q2. Is Wave Genetics™ a stand-alone treatment?

A: Wave Genetics™ can be used on its own but will also synergistically facilitate the effectiveness of other treatments too, especially the Informational Creams.

As with any energetic influence on the body, the body is more receptive if it is well cared for in other ways too. A good diet and lifestyle will help the body respond.  By the same token, a poor diet and lifestyle may inhibit the body's response. Wave Genetics™ can sometimes get the body to revisit past health issues. When this occurs, you can help support the body resolving these using natural remedies which are better than using symptomatic suppression that will hinder the process.

Q3. Can I listen to a Sound Matrix over night?

A: Yes, many people play their Matrix in their bedroom over night. You can listen to it just once, or on a loop - depending on your sound system set up. With such Informational influences, the volume of the sound is not as important as the fact that it is audible when you're awake. You will find that you are able to sleep without "hearing" the sounds.  You may, or may not be conscious of your body accepting the informational sound influences. Whether you do or not does not affect the effectiveness of Wave Genetics™.

Q4. Does it matter if my partner or my pet can hear my sound matrix, and/or I can hear theirs?

A: No. Your Individual Matrix resonates with your DNA and only very close relations such as a sibling. The more distantly related a person is from the source of the individualised matrix the less influence it has. Tracks within a Matrix that are constructed from natural healing products can have a universal healing effect if appropriate. In that case, if the healing product resonates with another person or animal then they too will receive the  beneficial influence. If a track does not resonate with someone then there is no adverse impact.

Q5. I'm not responding as well to one matrix track as I did with another one. Why is that?

A: Sometimes what we consciously want to improve is not in alignment with what our body needs and in which order the overall benefit is best achieved. It may well be that your body needs to heal something else that you consciously prioritise less, but is undermining the change you'd like to see elsewhere.

If you have responded well to one track, but not another, maybe consider listening to the matrix tracks in a different order.

Q6. I've been using the Matrix for a couple of weeks but I don't feel any different?

A: Wave Genetics™ is not a magic wand or special fountain of youth! Sometimes there are fast positive effects, but not in all cases. More serious conditions have greater capacity for greater changes but can take longer too. The process of rejuvenation, initiated by our programs cannot be faster than the aging process, although this phenomenon is non-linear, and there are exceptions. The earlier you start the better. Remember, every journey starts with a single step, and it is better to start on the journey of rejuvenation than to continue to age!

In general, the body can turn around conditions that started more recently more quickly than chronic conditions where the body has already adopted the pathology and made adaptations around it that supports and maintains the pathology.

As with learning any life skill, it can take longer to correct a bad habit than learn a new skill correctly from scratch. Healing is very much like this. You must trust the process. Perseverance is key in order to reach the light at the end of the tunnel, even if you cannot easily see it initially.

Q7. What is the difference between the quantum information creams and other creams?

A: Many conventional cosmetic creams contain various ingredients, which, when absorbed and then released into the bloodstream, quickly decompose under the influence of enzymes into components that are not always useful, and sometimes harmful to the human body. Substances used in these cosmetic creams are often unstable, not always compatible with each other, and/or are very expensive.

Our biomatrix creams use quantum-information of natural analogues of these substances. Due to this, our creams are devoid of these conventional cream shortcomings, but fully preserve the properties of rare and expensive biologically active substances included. When quantum equivalents of therapeutic compounds are used in this way, they cannot decay and change their properties, so remain unchanged and can pass on their healing properties indefinitely.

Q8. The listening instructions suggest putting a bottle or glass of water in front of the speakers when I listen at the start of the day so that the water stores the sound information from the matrix.  I can then top up the matrix information delivery to my body by drinking the water periodically throughout the day.  I use headphones instead of speakers to listen to my matrix. How do I charge the water?

A: When you have finished listening to your matrix with your headphones, you can use them to charge the water by placing them as shown in the picture, and then playing the matrix through the headphones to the water.

The headphones shown in the picture separate the speakers (inside the litle blue globes) from the earpieces that sit over the ears. That way potentially harmful EMFs are further from your head/water and do not influence the matrix information. They are available bo buy from the Equipment section of the online store accessed via the Buy Now page.

Q9. I'm struggling to choose the best photograph to use for my Individual Matrix. How do I choose?

A: Your own youngest available photo of you on your own prior to any serious illnesses and in a happy mood is best. The original photo must not include any other person/pet (even in the distant background) because their DNA link will be retained - even if you try to crop or otherwise edit them out. 

The original photograph quality is not important, but the photo must be undamaged over your image.

If you only have a hard copy photo then please scan it as a jpg, or take a digital jpg photo of it.

If you were born with a congenital condition or only have a photo after you became ill then we can use a suitable photo of a close blood relative (eg sibling, parent or grandparent, or one of your children) that fits the above criteria.

Some examples of a good and 2 unsuitable photos are given below as examples.