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This is an example of a Wave Genetics™ sound file. This Matrix will boost the immune function of the listener. The volume does not have to be loud for the Wave Genetics™ effect to influence the DNA. You should be able to hear the sounds at a comfortable volume for your situation. 

Individual Matrix

Option 1

This is a bespoke personalised Wave Genetics™ Matrix formula created for an individual human or animal based on

  1. the DNA-linked information held on the quantum level captured from a photograph of a living young individual, 
  2. your medical history,
  3. your desires for your ongoing health and wellness.

All photographs capture the DNA information link of everybody visible within the original photograph at the time the photo was taken.  A baby/childhood photograph of you can therefore be used to retrieve the link to your DNA information held on the quantum level of your earlier, more healthy DNA.  If you do not have a photo from an early age, or it is not appropriate to use the baby photo of the individual requiring help (eg there is a congenital disorder), a photo of a living close blood relative (eg sibling, parent or child) can be used as a substitute. The more distant the blood relationship the less effective will be the resultant Matrix sound file, although the other matrix files chosen within the overall program based on health and desires are effective for everybody who needs help in the relevant area.  A photograph of an older individual can be used, but must be before any serious health issue. Younger is better as our DNA starts deteriorating after birth. Using a substitute photo of a healthy sibling (eg. in the case of a congenital disorder) is likely to be better than using one of a parent if looking to use the Matrix continuously for life because a healthy sibling is likely to live longer than the parent.

NB: You cannot use the photograph of a relation who has died.

The earlier in life an Individual Sound Matrix is generated and used on an ongoing basis the better for ongoing development, health and wellness. The ultimate Individual Sound Matrix is generated as soon after birth as possible using some biomaterial (umbilical cord blood, and/or some of the placenta) from a new born baby. Should you decide to do this, you will need to contact us in advance as it will need to be planned prior to the birth to ensure it is possible to transport his material in order to be received by the Wave Genetics laboratory in Russia within 72 hours (max) after birth. This may not be possible in the current political circumstances and a newborn photo is likely the only option. The Wave Genetics sound file generated from a newborn can be used throughout an individual's life to help maintain as optimal a health status as possible. It is very important that such a baby is born without a congenital or serious health issue. If born with a health issue eg due to being premature, then it is better to wait until this health issue has resolved and the baby is healthy.

In order to generate the Individualised Wave Genetics™ sound Matrix for this option we require a photo as a happy and healthy baby/child - preferably before 7 years old, or the start of any serious illness.  An equivalent photo of your pet as a young animal is required if you are doing this for them. There should be nobody else in the original photo at all, even in the background. Cropping or otherwise editing other people out will not remove the link to their DNA information from the photo, and will generate an ineffective sound matrix.  It is a waste of your money to do this. Analogue photos will need to be scanned/photographed into .jpeg format and sent to us along with a completed questionnaire.

The individualised Wave Genetics™ sound Matrix program also contains additional quantum information sound matrices from natural products that are chosen based on health problems and personal desires indicated in the completed Patient Questionnaire.

Whilst an Individual Matrix program will help wind your DNA health back to an earlier, healthier time, it is not a license to enable ongoing unhealthy lifestyle practices!!  

NB: After you have ordered, we will email you a Patient Questionnaire to edit in Word for return, and a link to complete it online if you prefer. Once completed and submitted along with your jpg photo, your submission is passed to the Institute of Linguistics to generate your Individual Matrix.  If it is going to take time to look out your photo, you can email this to us at a later time from submitting your completed questionnaire. Please make sure you provide us with a valid email address so we can contact you. Any alteration to either the Patient Questionnaire or photo substitution will return you to the back of the waiting queue, so please try to ensure you provide all the relevant information at the first attempt, although it is obviously best to make sure we have all relevant should you subsequently realise you've forgotten something.

Option 2

If you do not have a suitable photo(s) or biomaterials, it is still possible to formulate an individual program for you (or your animal) without these data sources. In this case, your program will consist of individually formulated quantum recordings of various natural substances, selected for you based on a condition diagnosis and your answers to the Patient Questionnaire as above.

The Institute of Linguistics aim to prepare an individualised Wave Genetics™ sound Matrix within 30 working days (approx. 6 calendar weeks) from ordering  for either option subject to demand. 

The following Universal Matrices are currently available. We aim to send out the vast majority of orders within 24 business hours, although during high demand there may be a short delay. of up to a week. We will keep you informed of any delays should we experience any.

The Universal Matrix formulae are created using the quantum information of various bioactive substances of natural origin such as ginseng, pantokrin, eleutherococcus, Royal Jelly from bees, and similar other products that are known to help the body restore, strengthen and heal itself. The sound of each Matrix program in .wav (and mp3) format is unique. The healing waves sound similar to radio “white noise”. Listen to the video above to get an idea of what the files sound like, although some are quieter than others.

Being Universal, there is no individual Patient Questionnaire to fill out.

No: Name Description
1 Immune support Quantum information Matrix to help the body establish and maintain a healthy immune system
2-1 Skeletal Quantum information Matrix to help the body establish and maintain a healthy musculoskeletal system
2-2 Cardio-vascular Quantum information Matrix to help the body establish and maintain a healthy heart and circulation
2-3 Nerve function Quantum information Matrix to help the body establish and maintain a healthy Central Nervous System and Peripheral and Autonomic Nervous Systems
3 Cancer support Quantum information Matrix to encourage a healthy energy body in people with cancer.
4 Metabolism & Digestion Quantum information Matrix to help the body establish and maintain a healthy digestion and metabolism
5 Anti-aging Quantum information Matrix to help slow the body's aging processes from their current age. Intended for those under 40 years old.
6 Male health Quantum information Matrix to help men establish and maintain a healthy cardiovascular system, immune system and urogenital system, including the prostate and sexual function
7 Female health Quantum Information Matrix to help women establish and maintain a healthy metabolism, and lymphatic system, restore water balance, improve skin tone, hormone balance to harmonise the menstrual cycle and sexual organs.
8 Eyesight support Quantum information Matrix to help the body establish and maintain healthy eyes in particular when working at a computer, for elderly people, working with bright lights, dystrophic changes in the macula, retina, myopia, etc
9 Rejuvenate over 40s Quantum information Matrix to help the body re-establish and maintain a healthy body by correcting common age-related changes.
10 Anti-parasite Quantum information Matrix to help the body eliminate parasitic pathogens that can underlie disease in different organs. For adults and children
11 Slim figure Quantum information Matrix Universal Quantum Information Matrix to help the body establish and maintain a healthy metabolism, recover water balance, detox and restore hormonal levels.
12 Anti-allergy Quantum information Matrix to help the body establish and maintain a healthy immune system and moderate the response to allergens.
13 Skin vitality Quantum Information Matrix to help establish and maintain skin vitality. It rejuvenates and reduces wrinkles, and maintains the natural protection of the skin.
14 Anti-virus protection Quantum information Matrix to help the body establish and maintain a healthy immune system, with particular focus on fighting viruses.
15 Stop Smoking Quantum information Matrix to help smokers overcome their smoking and nicotine addiction to aid re-establishing and maintaining a healthy body.
16 Urogenital
Quantum information Matrix to help the body re-establish and maintain a healthy urogenital system.
17 Rejuvenate over 70s Quantum information Matrix to help the body re-establish and maintain a healthy body by correcting common older age-related changes, often encountered by people 70 years old and above.
18 Alcohol reduction Quantum information Matrix to help people reduce their alcohol intake and reliance to aid re-establishing and maintaining a healthy body.
19 Effective sleep Quantum information Matrix to help improve sleep quality for deeper sleep with better relaxation and healing.
20 Lyme's Disease Quantum information Matrix to help the body eliminate Borrelia burgdorfei, the causative pathogen that causes Lyme's Disease. Once eliminated, the body can recover from the symptoms associated with its infection.

1. It is recommended to listen to the Individualised or chosen Universal Matrix program mornings and evenings. We recommend listening to the program for 7 days on, then 3 days break. Repeat this 10 day cycle ongoing.

2. For maximum effectiveness, you should be relaxed, either seated or lying down, and focussed during listening, with no other distractions. During the listening session, tune into the program sounds, and try to avoid irrelevant thoughts. Focus on your feelings, or just try to keep a clear mind. The programs will still work while you're doing your routine tasks, but they will be more effective if you set a special time for listening.

NB: The program sounds can be relaxing. You should therefore not listen to a Matrix when operating machinery, driving or any other situation requiring your concentration that would otherwise put you in danger.

It may be tiring or inconvenient to listen all the way through a Matrix program in one stint. If so, you can listen to it in shorter sound bites with short breaks between.

3. The volume should be comfortably audible and not too loud.

4. It is recommended to listen to the Matrix in .wav format, since it has a stronger effect on the body, but it will still work in .mp3 format too.

5. A high quality sound system is best. It is possible to use headphones, but not wireless ones due to their adverse EMFs.

6. If possible, during listening, place a container with water for informational charging in front of a speaker. When your sound Matrix is finished, drink the charged water before your next listening session. You should drink at least 1.5 litres of good quality water a day.

8. Please note that during the first few days of listening, you may experience a slight exacerbation of your condition. This is not uncommon, and is part of the natural recovery process. It is your body adapting to its new healthier state. Usually, this passes quickly. In rare cases of a strong or prolonged exacerbation, take a break from listening for a few days, and then, when you feel better, start again. You do not have to experience this healing exacerbation for the Matrix to be working effectively.

9. Do not listen to all 10 Universal Matrix programs in a row all at once, or alongside an individual matrix!! The individual matrix is the highest priority.

When wanting to listen to multiple Universal Matrices, choose the one that is most important for you and work with it first. If you would like to use more than one program (or all of them over time), start a new Matrix at the beginning of one of your 10 day listening cycles.

Using the same previously unknown technique to capture and store the quantum information biomatrix of certain natural healing products for the Wave Genetics sound Matrix files, a procedure for transmitting this healing information into topical cosmetic creams has been developed. There are 4 different creams within the range that contribute to healing from different conditions, anti-aging and health maintenance.


Micellar cream with the properties of Mumijo, cedar resin and stone oil.

Black biomatrix cream has strong regenerative, anti-aging and rejuvenating effects, and is suitable for all skin types.

Indications for use: inflammatory and oncological situations of various origins, burns of varying degrees, bleeding, wounds, cuts, recovery from injuries (fractures, bruises, sprains, dislocations). Proven to be effective in the treatment of varicose veins and various damages to the skin. It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effects. It is used for joint diseases (sciatica, osteochondrosis, polyarthritis, arthrosis, gout, etc.). It reduces pain. It shortens the post-operative recovery period of the body. It is effective for enhancing the body's immune defence, to activate the fight against viruses, pathogenic microorganisms, and malignant cells. It is used for colds and bronchopulmonary diseases.


Micellar cream with cedar resin, stone oil, lanolin, and medical grade petroleum jelly.

White biomatrix has strong regenerative, anti-aging and rejuvenating effects and is suitable for all skin types. Especially effective for cosmetic purposes.

Indications for use: damaged, tired skin, prone to the formation of wrinkles; scars, stretch marks, cellulite; wounds, cuts; reduces pain, relieves spasms; recovery from injuries (fractures, bruises, sprains, dislocations); post-operative conditions; joint problems; has an anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic effect; has an antibacterial effect; has a positive effect on the circulatory system (varicose veins, haemorrhoids); gynaecological diseases (cervical erosion, endometriosis, mastopathy, etc.); inflammation and infection in the organs of the genitourinary system; used in dentistry (periodontosis, stomatitis, etc.)


Micellar cream with mumijo, cedar resin, stone oil and maclura.

This brown cream has a powerful regenerating and rejuvenating effect, suitable for all skin types.

Indications for use: a powerful natural antibiotic, immunomodulator and antioxidant. Promotes rapid wound healing, skin regeneration, removal of toxins, salts and toxic substances from the body. Stops bleeding. It is used in connection with abscesses, boils, trophic ulcers, non-healing wounds, lupus and boils. It has analgesic and bactericidal properties. Helps get rid of necrosis, tumours and metastases. It is used for radiculitis, rheumatic diseases, joint pain, osteochondrosis, intervertebral hernias, swollen lymph nodes, muscle pain, haemorrhoids, bone growths on the legs, mask-induced dermatitis. Helps strengthen the nervous and cardiovascular systems.


Micellar cream with maclura and cedar resin.

This cream has action with regards to anti-cancer, regenerating, anti-aging, antiviral and antibacterial. For all skin types.

Indications for use: benign and malignant neoplasia, bacterial and viral infections, including respiratory infections. It promotes wound healing and skin regeneration including skin elasticity and herpes. It has cardiovascular indications including varicose veins, haematoma, atherosclerosis and haemorrhoids. It is also good for joint and muscle pain including arthritis.

The Gariaev-Mishin Modulator physiotherapy device combines Linguistics and Wave Genetics matrices with Mishin coil torsion fields to improve health for both treatment and prevention purposes. The dual approach produces a regenerative effect on people and animals.

The principles of Linguistic and Wave Genetics are directly linked to torsion (vortex) effects which perform important regulatory functions in the body. The Mishin coils use of the ability of an electrostatic field to disrupt and destroy the fixed pathogenic pathways that replace the natural and healthy adaptive physiology.

The use of both complementing technologies has created the new synergistic device that helps the body to restore itself. When abnormal metabolism is established on a permanent basis, errors in the biosynthesis of proteins develop that can lead to health problems. The vortex currents generated by the Mishin device, to which harmonious frequencies from the Gariaev devices are added, significantly enhance each other’s effects. In this way the field created by the Mishin coils is beneficially modulated by the concurrent Gariaev matrix.

The methodology of the Mishin Vortex Medicine is based on the research conclusions of a number of renowned scientists from the last century, such as Nicola Tesla and his followers, Arsen d’Arsonval (member of the French Academy of Sciences), his student and associate George Lakhovsky, and the American doctor, researcher, and scientist Royal Raymond Rife. They were at the origin of the cell oscillation theory based on the positive influence of resonance effects of electrical fields on the reestablishment of the proper cell membrane potential. This phenomenon was not used in practical medicine for a long time because of limited technical capabilities and suppression of this knowledge.

Since 2016, the system of resonance therapy has developed into electrical field physiotherapy and become widely used. In this application, electrical field physiotherapy (vortex physiotherapy) is conducted with the help of electrical inductors developed by Alexander Mishin (the disc coil, the torus coil, etc) which are placed on certain zones of the patient’s body.

Vortex Medicine is based on creating the conditions that activate self regulation mechanisms. The therapeutic effect of the sessions is long-term. The body is able to hold the corrective influence for a long time.

Treating Disease
In abnormal conditions, membrane conductivity changes and the membrane potential is reduced. This results in a disruption of normal functioning. The application of the resonance effect of the Gariaev-Mishin modulator leads to the normalization of the condition of cells, tissues, and different organs. The potential of the cell membrane increases towards normal, weakened cells get a long-term recharge, and degenerate cells are able to regenerate. The immune system is activated, and the cells initiate energy and information processes leading to the healing of the organism.

The application of the modulator does not cause any pain and is not accompanied by any side effects. The system is suitable for home use with either a relevant Universal Matrix or an Individual Matrix, while sitting or lying in a relaxed posture. Clothes do not impede the effect of the device. After the session, the patient can maintain an active lifestyle. Thanks to this therapy, patients become stronger, more active, and more cheerful. They feel much more energized. Healthy people benefit from the use of the modulator as well. Its application increases vitality and facilitates health improvements and rejuvenation of the body. It is not only a method of disease treatment, or a means to eliminate or reduce pain. The Modulator can maintain health in the healthy too.

Here is an instructional video on the Modulator. It's in Russian, so you'll need to switch on Subtitles and then, in Settings, change the auto-translation language to English, or whichever other language you want.

Quantum Information Creams - general guidance

Biomatrix cream front.png

The vast majority of conventional topical creams have ingredients that are harmful and/or which may also be metabolised post-absorption into chemicals that may have a detrimental effect. This may be through direct interactions via enzymes, hormones, cell signalling etc or through the action of whatever they are metabolised and converted into.  

The Wave Genetics™ Informational Creams contain the "information" of natural products that help direct the body at a very much more fundamental level to facilitate the self-healing process and do not have the same capacity to disrupt our natural body chemistry.

Due to the holistic approach to health in formulating the different creams, there is quite a lot of cross-over of beneficial actions between the 4 different Informational Creams.  You will therefore need to focus on the differences between them to help you choose the most appropriate cream for whatever action and result you desire.

In some instances you may find that 2 or more different creams are needed for 2 or more different areas of your body/face. It is best to get the most appropriate Informational Cream for an area. 2 pots used in 2 different areas will still last twice as long but with greater benefit, as using 1 pot in 2 areas where the cream is not optimal in 1 of the 2 areas.

The informational nature of these creams means that very little needs to be applied over the desired area. They therefore last considerably longer than conventional creams based on physical active ingredients for effect that are therefore "dose" dependent.

The Quantum Information Creams have strong regenerating, and anti-aging effects, suitable for all skin types.  They are hypoallergenic.  The creams contain biologically active natural elements, saturated with the quantum information of regenerative and rejuvenating products.   The impact on the human body occurs both at the cellular and quantum information levels, which greatly enhances the processes of regeneration, restoration and rejuvenation of the skin. This product is licensed in Russia and has been successfully tested and used there and abroad for many years.

General Recommendations for use: apply daily for skin care of the face and body. The cream should be applied to the pre-cleansed skin with a cosmetic stick or cotton swab. Work in with light massage movements. The cream can be used for both day and night skin care. It can be used under dressings and bandages.

As with any new cream, apply a small amount of cream as a patch test for the first application. It is rare, but possible for an individual reaction to the biomatrix cream. Do not use the cream if you react.

If itching or a rash appears after using the cream for a while, you should take a short break from using it, and then resume its use. If the reaction does not disappear, contact us.

Storage conditions: due to the presence of biomatrices and exclusively natural ingredients in the composition, it is recommended to store the your biomatrix cream in the refrigerator.

Shelf life: 12 months from the date of manufacture.