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All Wave Genetics products sold via this website are genuine, and sold under an agreement that Roger Meacock, owner of Wave Genetics (UK) Ltd, has with the Institute of Linguistics Wave Genetics Laboratory where the technology was developed by Prof Peter Gariaev and his team.  The proof of having this agreement can be seen here.

Unauthorised copying of the files is forbidden, and purchases of original authorised Wave Genetics products are for private and non-commercial use only. Making a purchase is considered acceptance this. All Terms and Conditions can be found using the link in the footer.

The Instutute of Linguistics Wave Genetics Laboratory is paid at the time Patient Questionnaires, (and individual photos if used) are submitted for processing ready for inclusion into your Individual Matrix program.  Work on an Individual Matrix starts immediately the information is received and takes time to complete.  Your submission of an order including your Patient questionnaire and photo is considered to be your acceptance that there can be no refund once work has begun.

Payments are processed by Wave Genetics (UK) Ltd using Paypal Checkout or by direct Bank transfer. The use of Paypal does not require you to have a Paypal account yourself - they just process the payment and Wave Genetics (UK) Ltd does not see or collect your payment details.

There is a choice of affiliate schemes that can be accessed via a link in the footer of the online store once you have clicked through.  

NB: Prices will necessarily rise at the point where VAT becomes obligatory.

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Please be reassured that Wave Genetics (UK) Ltd is still operating during the current political situation. We are still able to take orders and supply you with original Wave Genetics Matrices - both Universal and Individual - direct from the Institute of Linguistics Wave Genetics.