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A lifetime of Innate Healing

Posted by admin at 11:13 on 3 Dec 2022


Guest article by Dr Margaret Tottle-Smith


One important fact is that I was born in 1938, before the Second World War, and long before the National Health Service. Incidentally, I was born with a heart valve problem. My grandmother was well versed in homoeopathy having learnt from her own grandmother, Elizabeth, who was the daughter of Dr John Millett Davy, brother of Sir Humphry, and friend of Dr Samuel Hahnemann. This meant that whenever I was unwell, I was given homeopathic pillules, apart from one time when I almost died from an anaphylactic reaction and nobody knew what was happening exactly, but had to act very quickly.

At seven months old, my mother gave me some rice and orange tinned food. No-one could have known that I was allergic to oranges. I collapsed and was rushed to Birmingham Children's Hospital. No visitors were allowed in those days, so until I was collected, my parents did not know that my ankles had been tied to the cot sides during my stay. This was supposedly to make it easier to keep me clean, but resulted in my right hip growing in a deformed way. This was not discovered until I went to secondary school.

I was a healthy child from then until I began my menstrual cycles aged 11. Sadly, I had the inherited family problem of endometriosis. Homoeopathy helped each month until I had a hysterectomy in 1969. I was given Medorrhinum 30c on a regular basis. I was told I would not be able to have children, so when I had a particularly bad period it seemed to make more sense at that time to have a hysterectomy.

The next major problem was in June 1966. A drunk driver came straight across an intersection. This was prior to the introduction of seat belts so my mother shot through the windscreen and landed on the road. I was pushed into the engine, resulting in severe burns and compound fractures to both legs. We were both so seriously injured that we were transferred to Bristol homoeopathic hospital for palliative care, as we were not expected to survive. That was the end of my hockey playing days just before I was supposed to go for trials to play for England.

I learned to cope, and went to marry and teach in Switzerland. Later in France, I was able to undertake my medical training. In fact, I lived a full life until I was on holiday in the Isle of Wight in 2017 and my cousin’s husband pushed me violently.  My subsequent fall triggered the memory and re-emergence of all the old car crash trauma that my body had held onto for all those years.

At the time, I was caring full time for my cousin after her stroke in 2016, but this remembered trauma took a big toll on my health. The Polymyositis which I'd been diagnosed with in 1999 became much more active, and I could hardly walk. Caring for my cousin became difficult, and her sons ignored my requests for help. I kept going until March 2022 when she collapsed and couldn’t get up. She was taken to hospital and then moved into a care home as it would have been potentially hazardous for us both if she had come back to live with me.

At the time we did not know that I had tumours in my colon and throat. My cataract on my right eye was becoming more severe too.

Historical Treatments

Treatment for the orange allergy

Remember that when I was seven months old and rushed to hospital with my orange allergy for the first time, there was no National Health Service; medicines were limited and hospitals used homoeopathy. I was almost dead, and nobody knows what I was given, but it saved my life. Later on, I guessed it was possibly Arsenicum album 6C to 1M, plus other unknown remedies. I was kept in hospital for seven weeks, and when I came out, I had dropped to my birth weight of 6 lbs 4oz. Nobody knew then that my right hip had been damaged and would never be normal until I was in my 80s!

Normal infancy

in January of 1939, I was sent to Scotland to live with an uncle and aunt. I had no health problems apart from the usual childhood illnesses of measles, chicken pox and whooping cough, but that all happened after I returned to Bideford to my grandmother. All of course were treated with homoeopathy - mostly nosodes.

Treatment for endometriosis

Oh dear, what a disaster! My first period caused problems, and on each cycle the symptoms became gradually worse. Granny knew the symptoms, but there was no clinical name for it back then, or at least nobody told me. There were no scans in those days. I went to Bristol Homoeopathic Hospital where Medorrhinum was given in various potencies plus other remedies for faintness and sickness.

I still played in the school teams and later for two counties in hockey and cricket, but the nameless cysts were taking their toll. Life could be hard at university, and teaching afterwards. Living in France proved to be beneficial, as one cycle into my medical training I was rushed into the operating theatre for a hysterectomy. At the same time, my appendix was removed, together with the many endometrial cysts I had accumulated up to that point. I felt wonderful, but little did I know that there must have been some chocolate cysts left behind to multiply, grow, and cause me problems later on!

The car crash

June the 23rd 1966 was a pouring wet day. My mother and I had been on a 20 mile trip to visit one of her aunts in hospital. On the outward journey, the hose pipe to the radiator burst and developed a leak, so I tied my tights around it, filled the radiator in Thornbury and headed back to the outskirts of Bristol. We were well on our journey when we approached a crossroads. I was on the main road with right of way when the car coming from the right failed to stop. I quickly tried to turn left but he hit us. This was just when new cars were being equipped with seat belts, but we were still waiting for ours to be fitted. It was also just before my mother retired as a headmistress.

Sadly, mother went through the windscreen, landing on the road in front of the car. I had been fired forward into the engine, badly burning and fracturing both my legs in multiple places. The police came, and the young man who was driving the other car admitted he was the guilty party as he was totally drunk. There was no consideration for possible hidden injuries in those days, and I was dragged unceremoniously out from the wrecked car. The ambulance took us to Southmead Hospital. Mum’s head and spinal injuries were beyond help but she was conscious enough to request for our transfer to Bristol Homoeopathic Hospital where we received fantastic treatments. I was unconscious in a coma and considered beyond help too, so the bones in my legs were not set and left to heal themselves.

We lived for many years; Mum from 60 to almost 95 although she was never able to read again. I went off to a new job and marriage in Switzerland where hydrotherapy and more homoeopathy helped me. We moved to Paris where I stopped teaching and was able to begin the medical degree course I'd always longed to do. It was conventional medicine with two natural therapies. I chose homoeopathy for obvious reasons, and acupuncture, eventually winning an acupuncture scholarship to learn in China.

After the hysterectomy already mentioned I was basically healthy for many years. My cousin’s husband said he'd always wanted to see the Isle of Wight, so we booked and went. On the Thursday he pushed me so violently I tripped and fell. Unfortunately, this re activated all the old trauma that my body had held since the car crash. After suffering for a few months, I went to see a dear homoeopath who lived near Bideford. He prescribed a succession of remedies all of which helped, but I think the stress of caring for my cousin after her stroke was the major problem. My physical bone damage had also reached a point, combined with the polymyositis where I needed assistance.

Recent Treatments


In March 2021, Roger Meacock started treating me with Scenar (see picture), a Russian microcurrent stimulation device that works on biofeedback principles to help guide the body to self-heal, and in double-quick time. Where Scenar is widely used, success rates for all conditions are quoted at 80 - 90% with a complete cure in 2/3 of those cases. Amazingly, my toes which I hadn’t been able to move properly since the car crash began moving again after a few months. The leg bones that hadn’t been set properly started to remodel and straighten.

Wave Genetics

At the beginning of 2022, Roger started promoting Wave Genetics. For those of you who don't know, this is an informational medicine technique where the healing DNA information held on the quantum level can be accessed, digitised and turned into a sound file. This information can be captured from a baby photograph or from healing products such as herbs, Royal Jelly and even healthy cells and organs. Using a photo from an earlier, healthy and happy time (eg as a baby), the link contained within the photo is used to capture the past DNA information from the time the photo was taken. Listening to these sound files makes that healing information available to the body. The innate wisdom of the body decides what information to respond to and in which order, and in a way the body can cope with. By expressing the body’s past healthier DNA information, and taking on the healing instructions from other products, the body starts to function as it is supposed to. Current disease processes within the body are no longer supported and so are no longer expressed. Wave Genetics is not a healing modality in itself, but simply provides the body with the necessary information for the body to respond and heal itself. For this reason, Wave Genetics can be used to rejuvenate the body and maintain a past higher level of health. Prevention is always better than cure! It will also facilitate the body responding to other energy and informational treatments, and indeed they will help the body respond to the Wave Genetics too.

How the body works

I should point out at this time that no medicine or doctor ever treats disease. The body only ever heals itself, and as a doctor, all I can do is to facilitate that process and try to create the optimum environment within the body for that to happen. A medicine or product may seem to perform a role in the body, but it is still then up to the body to utilise and integrate whatever function has been altered, This is why side effects occur. They are the collateral effect of how the body integrates a medicine or other interference. There are no guarantees with any treatment, and anybody who doesn't think success is based on probability doesn't really understand what they're doing. Good treatment shifts the balance of probability towards health. How and whether the body can successfully respond is determined by its starting point in health and the available vital force that can be brought to bear on the situation for self healing.

I began listening to my Wave Genetics Individual Matrix generated from a photo of when I was about 5 months old (see photo), on the 15th of February 2022. At that time, I was low physically and emotionally. Caring for my cousin was becoming increasingly difficult to the point where I could no longer cope. I listen to my Individual Matrix on a daily basis, supported by the Wave Genetics Informational Cream, homeopathic and bioresonance remedies made by Roger using his eLybra, supplements, plus my weekly Scenar treatment.

Roger also combines using Wave Genetics with the Gariaev-Mishin Modulator to begin the weekly treatment session. The picture at the top of the article was taken during one of these sessions! It usually induces me to sleep in a meditative state, and I often see higher vibration colours during the process. One indication of its effectiveness is that it seems to help the Scenar do its job much more quickly too when Roger treats me with it afterwards. 

This whole combination together has been amazing for me, and it is a clear example in my mind of the synergism that can be achieved when using different complementary modalities together in a properly structured way. By this I mean the effects of everything together is greater than the sum of each individual modality benefit if used on its own. Each aspect of what I’m doing helps my body respond better to everything else. I can’t necessarily quantify each individual component’s contribution, but that doesn't matter! It's not how reductionist medicine works using 1 pill to treat 1 condition, but we are following the wisdom and principle set out by Hippocrates, Socrates and Sir William Osler to treat the individual and not the disease so that the body can self-heal where possible.

Maybe the easiest thing to do is to list everything which has happened to my body in the order they occurred. This is an example of what the body can do with the correct information, but it isn't a guarantee that everybody else will have such fast results. I would not suggest everybody with a severe allergy assumes theirs will disappear as mine did, or to "test" themselves as I did either!

  1. My scars have disappeared; my operation scars from my hysterectomy and later removal of my gall bladder. My smallpox vaccination scar from 1950 on my arm has gone too.
  2. The orange allergy that nearly killed me as an infant has gone. I can now eat oranges with no adverse reaction. 
  3. The mild heart murmur I have had constantly all my life has all but disappeared except for times of extreme stress.
  4. The tiny sebaceous cyst on my right eyelid has emptied and dried up.
  5. The discolouration of the skin of my legs where they had been burnt in the car crash has paled in colour, and the skin has become normal.
  6. My nose bleeds came and then stopped completely.
  7. My right hip that was injured as a baby when I was tied to the cot sides was frequently dislocating. Although I was able to manipulate my leg myself to relocate the head of the femur back into the socket, it was excruciatingly painful and had been getting more frequent; up to six times in a day on bad days. I first noticed that the dislocations were occurring in a different direction to before, and then they stopped altogether. An X-ray that I had in August to see what was going on showed that the hip joint had remodelled, and my body had created a deeper socket for the femur to stay in which must have been the blueprint for the joint before it was damaged in the hospital.
  8. My leg bones continued the process that the Scenar had started and remodelled in a much better alignment.
  9. My tonsils regrew! They had been removed when I was four years old.
  10. My polymyositis improved. This can be an extremely painful condition in the later stages if it cannot be halted.
  11. The body will sometimes revisit old health issues in order to get the body to become aware of them again which is necessary for the body to address and resolve them fully. It was certainly not plain sailing when I started developing horrendous abdominals pains, and realised that the chocolate cysts that had been growing for decades were popping one by one. The larger ones were significantly more painful than the smaller ones. It took approximately 7 weeks until they had all gone. I estimate that there were somewhere in the region of 200 in total.

I then had three days of very good health where I felt better than I had done for many a year.

The Lumps

It is not uncommon for residual chocolate cysts left over from endometriosis to seed cancer in nearby structures. I was very upset and worried, but not altogether surprised when I palpated a large lump the size of a tangerine that seems to be attached to my colon approximately where my appendix had been removed. Although there has been no official diagnosis or biochemistry tests done to confirm it, I have my suspicions as to what this lump was.

I experienced excruciating pains at times, but we were able to get it under control helped by the Wave Genetics, remedies and bioresonance treatment from distance. I consulted with a number of past acquaintances from my medical career and together the whole team decided on the best approach for me in consultation with me.

I know from all my years of experience as a doctor that it is impossible to be totally objective about yourself which is necessary for prescribing remedies and making important decisions. However experienced or good a practitioner is, we always need help and will respond better from outside objectivity and treatment.

I also know as a doctor who has witnessed many patients who chose the conventional route of treating cancer with radio and chemotherapy, that increasing the toxicity and inflammation within the body for an already inflammatory condition makes no sense to me, and I did not want that. My choice was to face my condition and the intermittent discomfort now, although intense at times, and give my body the best chance to self-heal and beat it, or to let things progress to the point where I would be in severe pain on a continual basis up to the point it became terminal. I decided that it was my best chance to do everything I can now.

A stitch in time saves 9 and prevention is better than cure! I wish I had come across Wave Genetics many years before, and perhaps stopped the pain and discomfort I’ve experienced recently from materialising in the first place. Who knows for sure?! Science can’t prove a negative as they say, so we’ll never know “what if”, but I firmly believe that those who take health precautions when they’re young and healthy are the wise ones and will reap the real benefits maybe decades in the future.

We continued with the agreed self-help programme. The lump started to break up inside me. I can only deduce that where the lump was growing out of the wall of the colon, bits were breaking off such that they were being discharged back into the lumen of the colon to be passed. The smell and nature of the lumps that were passed confirmed to me that my suspicion as to what type of tissue it was, was probably correct. As with the bursting of the large chocolate cysts from my endometriosis, the process of the ejection of bits from the lump itself was a very painful experience, but we were able to control the pain as before. To begin with. this was a very scary time, and all sorts of imaginings and consequences passed through my mind, especially at the time I was experiencing most pain. The only way I can describe it is that it felt like many daggers all stabbing me.

When I discussed the situation with Roger, he pointed out that the body seems to have an amazing innate understanding of what it needs to do, and how to achieve it in a way that the body can physically cope with. I have heard stories and witnessed the body pushing out dead and necrotic tissue in response to homoeopathy before, but it is an altogether different proposition when it is happening to you!

Another thing I wasn't prepared for initially was the detox reaction that inevitably occurred after bits had broken off the lump. All I can say is that my liver and kidneys must be working extremely well to produce black urine! This also happens after my treatment sessions and I drink plenty of water to flush the toxins out.

Not long after we started treating the lump in the colon wall it became apparent that there was a secondary lump in my throat associated with my oesophagus. We adjusted the remedies and treatments accordingly. There were days when I found it difficult to eat without choking, and days when I could eat relatively normally. As with the lump within the colon wall, the lump in my throat started ejecting bits of tissue that I coughed up, along with some blood that was released during the process of bits tearing off. To say that I didn't find this scary at times would be a complete lie, but during times between this process where I was not in pain and able to think more logically and rationally, Roger and I discussed the situation. We decided that if the lumps were going to kill me, the body would already have done that before with the chocolate cysts and the lump in the colon! It would make no sense for the innate wisdom of the body to subject itself to everything I had experienced up to this point if it wasn't going to complete the job successfully. It is important for the process to keep an overall positive outlook like this, even when things seem bleak at times. You also need a good and supportive network of people for moral support. There will no doubt also be detractors who do not understand, and project their own fears onto you too. This may even be expressed as anger towards you, but you mustn’t let that negativity get the upper hand.

It is now early December 2022, and I'm still here! I am still losing bits from a different lump; this time in my transverse colon I think. It seems as though my throat lump has all but gone as I recently coughed up a bit of scab, which was proof to me that my oesophagus has healed over where the lump was previously situated. I’m now eating properly again, and my voice has lost the slight croakiness it had developed. I am having more better days then I was too. The process in the colon is ongoing and I don't know for how long it will continue, but it has diminished in size to that of a very small egg. 

I trust that my body knows what it is doing, and my body will go on to heal other areas of my body when the lumps are all gone. I’m looking forward to being able to walk again without my wheels to lean on, and ultimately totally unaided. I’m nearly 85 years young, and I still think I have useful things to do with my life!


12.07.2023: The latest update about my Wave Genetics and journey back to health. There is good news! Today is my 28th day in a row of feeling well with no pain or enlarged lymph glands.

Following on from the "lumps" I had experienced in the colon and oesophagus, my body manifested a serious and commonly experienced problem that often follows these issues. My blood system and lymph nodes were afflicted by the same nameless disease. I thought I knew what pain was before, but I hadn't experienced anything like this. In early February 2023, I was given the prognosis based on my recent medical history and symptoms at that time, that I probably only had up to two weeks to live. To my knowledge nobody diagnosed with this condition has ever outlived this prognosis before. There were some days that I cannot remember because I felt so ill. I had some good days too between the bad bouts, but keeping food and drink down at times was impossible. For the two days just prior to this month of feeling so much better I couldn’t even drink water. Everyone thought I was dying but we kept going with the Wave Genetics and bioresonance treatment from distance. It must have been a healing crisis because the following day I woke up feeling better than I'd ever felt for a year!!

Throughout this time I continued to let my matrix provide the information my body needed to heal itself. 28 days on and I am now eating three proper meals a day, I have put some weight that I had lost back on, and I'm cooking for myself again and enjoying my food.

Thank God for my Individual Matrix and Roger Meacock’s treatments and care that enabled my body to heal itself. It goes to show what the body can heal from if we trust the process. I will soon reach the 6 month milestone after my 2 week prognosis. I’ll keep you posted with what happens next.

13.12.2023: I thought it was time to update you all on my journey back to health using Wave Genetics alongside other forms of Natural Medicine to stimulate my body to heal itself. From the story so far, you will know that I was very ill during the majority of 2023. Towards the end of the Summer I began to improve.

Disaster struck as I developed a large inguinal hernia. This would reduce and retract most of the time, but on 13th October I was rushed to hospital after spending the night on the floor. They operated on me to remove the hernia and insert a mesh to stop it recurring. Whilst the surgeons were doing this they had a good look around! They decided to remove a badly damaged tendon near the inguinal region which had originally been damaged in the car crash of 1966 and had never properly healed. They also found and removed a fragment of a lumbar vertebra that had fractured in the 1966 accident. Most importantly from my point of view was their report that they had found and cleaned out some residual debris from the endometrial cysts and evidence that I had indeed had cancer and abscesses in my colon.  They couldn't find any evidence of active malignancy which was great to hear.

I returned home, sore but pleased, only to return with internal bleeding a week later. This time they used a laser to cauterise the blood vessel and 5 full bags of blood at various times as transfusion to support my blood circulation. A 6th bag burst causing a mighty mess!!

After spending a week in hospital the second time, I came home  with sore wounds, and am gradually learning how to walk minus a vital tendon. I am continuing with regular treatments and making progress, all the while still listening to my Individual Matrix from my photograph.