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What is Wave Genetics™?

Wave Genetics™ is a technology and system developed by the late Dr Peter Gariaev and his team, that assists the body to heal itself. 

Our personal blueprint information is non-local and stored in the quantum field linked to our DNA.  Any photograph is entangled with this quantum DNA information of the subjects at the time the photograph was taken.  This information can be accessed and retrieved using special laser equipment.  Once collected, it is converted and then contained within a Matrix sound file. By listening to our personal Matrix sound file made using a childhood photo, our current DNA expression aligns with the information linked to using the Matrix, and our body starts to express a more youthful and healthy state. This allows our body to bring our past health into the present. Similarly, listening to the sound file of the DNA of natural healing products, we receive their healing instruction.

It is a similar concept to how the emotions encapsulated within the words and music of a song can be recorded on a CD. Our current emotions are influenced by the recording of the words and the sound of the music simply through listening to the CD recording.

The beneficial quantum information captured from DNA can be directed using resonance to defined areas within our body by listening to a Wave Genetics Matrix™.  Our DNA is influenced by this quantum information, and gradually establishes a better informational database that directs our health to gradually revert back into alignment with our original healthy blueprint.  The Matrix of a close sibling can be used where the original blueprint is known to contain genetic faults.

Over time, this healthier quantum DNA information becomes more established, resulting in more youthful expression of health on an ongoing basis.

Wave Genetics™ is NOT a magic wand that will heal you from every illness over night.  It takes time, perseverence and committment to the program.  It also requires you to be kind to your body in other ways too, such as diet and lifestyle.

Proof this site is genuine and  that there is an official agreement with the Institute of Linguistics 


Wave genetics™ is founded on ideas by two Russian scientists, A. G. Gurwitsch and A. A. Lubishchev who postulated in the 1920s and 1930s that our DNA operates at the quantum level as waves and fields. This was later confirmed.

Genetic data and information held at this level can be captured, transferred and influenced using electromagnetic (EM) and acoustic waves.


From 1984, Dr Peter Gariaev continued this research. He developed the science and theory, resulting in his nomination for a Nobel Prize.

His meticulous work on Wave Genetics™ resulted in the development of a range of products that use sound and frequency to deliver information to our body that enables it to function more optimally and improve our health.


Using a special laser, information that is held in the quantum level of our DNA and also that of medicinal plant DNA can be captured and digitised.

Using this technique, Matrices can be constructed into audio files that we can listen to. They influence our body at the quantum information level and enable our body to self-heal through expression of the corrected quantum frequencies.

Wave Genetics™ technology is now available for you

We are proud and honoured to offer you original Wave Genetics™ matrices direct from the Institute of Linguistics Wave Genetics

About Dr Peter Gariaev (1942-2020)

The following video is a testimonial by Ulrike Granogger of the Academy for Future Science. Few people know of Dr Gariaev's work, but if there is any justice, for certain he will be hailed in the future as one of the founders of the true Medicine. 

Shortly before his untimely death, he had been nominated as a candidate for the prestigious Nobel Prize for Medicine 2021 for his contribution to science and the medicine of the future.

There has arguably been nobody else more deserving of this accolade that he was unable to receive.  

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